I PLAY WITH MY FOOD: Leaning Tower of Tuna

June 26, 2018

What’s this? A mug full of cucumber?

Yes, but there’s so much more! Underneath the cucumber are layers upon layers of other tasty, healthy things, and I planned this meal so that they’d get revealed in a very dramatic fashion. Read the rest of this entry »


Five Things I Buy at the 99 Cent Store

June 19, 2012

You can’t count on the 99 Cent Store to actually have anything that’s on your shopping list. Merchandise changes as frequently as I change my underwear (once a week) (kidding). That said, in the past few weeks, I’ve been going specifically to the 99 Cent Store looking for a few items, and, for the most part, I’ve been lucky because they’ve had them in stock. I’m aware that my luck with change any day now (probably as soon as I publish this blog), but that’s a risk that’s worth taking, just because nothing at the 99 Cent Store costs more than a buck.

Here’s my list of healthy items that I’ve been buying at the 99 Cent Store:

1) V8. I love vegetable juice!

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I’m Over Sardines

October 26, 2010

One of my very first blog posts – before I had really even told anyone about this blog – was about my failed attempt to make a sardine sandwich.  I had liked sardines for a while – ever since reading a magazine article earlier this year about how good they are for you – but that particular sandwich was kinda gross, and it turned me off sardines for the past month and a half.

Yesterday, I tried making a different kind of sardine sandwich.  I’ll confess from the get-go that I didn’t really research any sardine recipes, but I thought I had a fool-proof plan:  to make a tuna salad sandwich, which I love, except for with sardines instead of tuna.  What could go wrong?

I drained a tin of sardines (headless, tailless, boneless, packed in water) into a bowl, squeezed half of a lemon over them to make them less fishy-smelling (based on a tip from my Aunt Annie), threw in a bunch of chopped celery, 1/4 of a maui onion, capers, 4 oz of nonfat Greek yogurt, a few tablespoons of mustard, and mixed it all up.  That, my friends, is how I make tuna (although the veggies change based on what I have in the house), and it’s gooood.

But when you make it with sardines, the whole mixture comes out gray.  Gray!

I put half of the mixture in a little Tupperware, threw it in my lunch bag, and took it to work.  I also brought along a Thin Bun – these awesome 100 calorie sandwich buns that I love.  Usually I buy the Oroweat kind (which are called Sandwich Thins, check them out here), but right now I have the Earth Grains kind (called Thin Buns):

To be honest, I couldn’t tell the difference at all between the Earth Grains and the Oroweat – except that the last time I was at the supermarket, the Earth Grains were 50 cents cheaper, which is why I bought them.  They’re delicious, and satisfy my bread cravings without being very bready at all.

But I digress.  I wrapped up a thin bun separately – I didn’t want to make the sandwich ahead of time and have it get all soggy.  When lunch time rolled around, I pulled out the bun and the sardine salad, and took a bite of the sardines before assembling the sandwich… and… it was gross.  Repulsive.  The lemon didn’t get rid of the fishy smell or taste – it seemed worse, if that’s possible.  It was even more unappetizing to taste than it is to look at.  Downright unedible.  I ended up eating the bun by itself, and the raw celery and green peppers sticks I had brought, and tossed the sardine salad down the garbage disposal (I didn’t want any lingering sardine stenches to waft out of the trash and assault my or my co-workers’ olfactory nerves).  When I got home, I tossed the other half of the mixture, and then had an epiphany:

I’m over sardines.  I’m done with them.  Even the thought of them just conjures negative feelings and a bad taste in my mouth.  They had a nice little run – I ate about 7 tins of them over the past 6 or 7 months – but I’m gonna lay off them completely now.  I’m going back to tuna for all my canned fish needs.

So what do I do with the last tin of sardines in my cupboard?

I think I’ll donate them the next time a food drive comes a callin’.

Keep it up, David!

PS.  Yes, observant readers, that is a box of Reindeer pate next to the sardines.  I picked it up in Sweden in June.  I’ll be sure to blog about that once I crack it open!