Cardio To Vegas!

In June of 2013, I created and embarked on a new, nerdy fitness challenge – a virtual run from Los Angeles to Las Vegas! I call it CARDIO TO VEGAS, and here’s how it works:

I log every mile that I complete doing any form of cardio, whether it’s running or biking, elliptical or ARC trainer, even swimming. I add up those miles, and track my progress on a map. It’s 274 miles to Vegas, and as I make my way along the route, I dig up interesting facts and pieces of history about all the places I “reach” along the way. It’s a challenge that combines my love of statistics with my love of trivia and history, and as an inspirational tool, it really works! Below is an archive of all seven CARDIO TO VEGAS posts – check ’em out!

Entire Route

Interested in starting your own cardio map challenge? Check out step-by-step directions here!



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