The Story So Far…

This is the story of my weight. A few years ago, my friend Richard Simmons asked me to contribute my story to his website. I jumped at the chance, and was the featured “Salute to Success” story for the month of August 2010.  Here’s what I wrote:

I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t obese.  I grew up outside Detroit, watching family members struggle with weight.  My parents first started talking to me about losing weight in elementary school, when I was trading my healthy lunches for junk, and sneaking snacks every day.  When I was in middle school, I started dreaming about getting my driver’s license, so I could hit a drive-thru, and get 2 orders of nuggets and 4 large fries – delicious!  Sure enough, when I turned 16, I did it.

I was an active kid – growing up, I played soccer for 4 years, water polo for 2, and swam competitively for 10.  I never excelled at any of them, often hated going to practice, and was embarrassed to be the fattest kid on every team, but it kept me moving.  Of course, exercise doesn’t lead to weight loss when you eat poorly!

There are lots of wonderful memories from my high school years, but they were also extraordinarily difficult.  I fell in love in performing, and did the plays and musicals, eventually getting leading parts.  I had wonderful friends, and we’re still close friends now.  But I also started developing major self-esteem issues, and grew to feel quite alone and confused.  I couldn’t figure out what was going on, or how to change it.  I knew my self-esteem was linked to my size, and started destructive habits to lose weight, like binging and purging, and taking ridiculous amounts of laxatives.  I only felt worse.  I internalized everything, including feeling worthless and hopeless, so nobody else had any idea.  It felt like I was in a pit, and no matter how hard I tried to dig my way out, it would only get deeper.  Eventually, I gave up digging.

When I was 16, I tried to kill myself, twice.  The second attempt was nearly successful, and landed me in the ER, then 3 days in intensive care, then almost a month in a psych ward, which was an eye-opening experience. I learned about depression, that it was treatable, and that it was common.  I wasn’t alone.  I learned to recognize my symptoms and worked with a psychiatrist for the first time.

I started feeling the love around me that I used to think didn’t exist, continued to learn about myself, and over the next few years, things vastly improved.  I took my experiences and transformed them into a play, which I performed to a full house at my school – one of my proudest accomplishments.  My weight problem persisted, though, so I began different healthier diets, but couldn’t keep weight off.  In college, my mother and I both started a liquid-diet-based program at a hospital.  I lost over 50 pounds, but the hour-long commute to the weekly meetings grew tough when my classes changed, and so I gave it up.  The weight came back.

I moved to LA after college in 2002, to work in television.  After some entry-level positions I landed a great gig on a talk show.  It was stressful and long hours, and after a year, I decided to start exercising again.  I started walking after work for 45 minutes, 5 times a week.  It cleared my mind after tough days, and I listened to music and news on my iPod.  After 3 years, I joined a gym, and did some workouts there.  A year after that, I worked with a trainer and learned toning exercises that I also incorporated.  I was disciplined, making up workouts that I missed, and eventually went over 5 years without ever missing a workout.

Sometimes during those 5 years I coupled the exercise with better eating.  When I first started, I lost 70 pounds before losing motivation, and the weight crept back, despite the exercise.  I tried going vegetarian as an attempt to make healthier choices, and it worked for a while, until I started indulging in loopholes like fried foods and desserts that were certainly meat-free but definitely unhealthy.

I resumed eating meat, and continued eating poorly.  Junk food, fast food…  I could easily pack away a whole pizza or bag of Oreos.  Then, an injury derailed my 5-times-weekly exercising, but after healing, I couldn’t get back on track.

It was in December 2009 that Richard was booked to come on the talk show that I worked on, and I was assigned to produce his appearance.  I got an advance copy of “Sweatin’ to the Oldies 5” so I could get familiar with it over my Christmas break.  I planned to work out with the video once, but ended up doing it 6 times.  I had never seen any of Richard’s videos before, and I thought it was fun!  It got me sweating, and I loved that the people in the video were of all sizes.

My first conversation with Richard was on the phone, and I met him the day of the taping.  I quickly learned that everything he’s known for – his enthusiasm, sense of humor, compassion – was completely genuine.  He asked me about myself, and then said, ‘I can help you, if you want it.’  I don’t remember my response, but I dodged the issue, because I was stunned and frightened.  It’s unusual for anyone to offer help to someone they just met, and plus, it forced me to confront if I was ready to make a change and work at it.  I thought about it for a couple weeks, and came to my first Slimmons class with some friends, and had a blast – great music, great workout, great people!  Finally, I knew it was time.  Richard and I met again, and he suggested I start writing down everything I ate.  The day I started my food log, I weighed myself for the first time in months and saw the biggest number ever:  402 pounds.

Logging my food has really worked for me.  With Richard’s encouragement, I slowly made changes – I cut out diet soda; scaled back processed foods; reduced meat and increased lean proteins like beans, fish, and yogurt; and increased fruits and veggies. I can’t eat junk food and forget about it – I’m holding myself accountable.  Because my office had junk food everywhere, I brought my own food every day.  I didn’t fight every craving – if I really wanted candy, I would have a piece and walk away.  And after a while, I stopped craving it.  I also kept going to Slimmons, bought a membership there, and now exercise there and at my other gym.

I also decided to not tell anyone I was dieting, because I just wanted to see if I could find a way that worked, and not have to explain or defend every decision to others.  It felt great when I started getting compliments a few months later, but even then I’d only smile and thank them.  Eventually, my friends starting asking how much I’d lost.  The answer, at the time, was 40 pounds.  I even kept my weight loss from my parents, so I could surprise them this summer when I visited.  They barely had words when they saw me more than 90 pounds lighter!

Another big breakthrough is that I’ve figured out how to combat my biggest weakness: my attitude.  Every prior diet derailed after making poor food choices, because I would think, ‘There goes my diet today, so I should eat whatever I want, and get back on track tomorrow.’  And then I’d stretch ‘tomorrow’ to ‘next week’ to ‘next month’ to ‘next year.’   So now I eliminate temptation wherever I can.  I keep lots of healthy options at home, so I never feel stuck eating the same thing.  Each morning, I think about every meal that day, and I end up getting excited for what I’ve planned.  And while I could keep chips or ice cream around as an occasional treat, it’s so hard to limit myself to one serving size, so I just don’t buy it.

It’s been 6 months, and I’ve lost 104 pounds total, and I feel great!  I sleep better, have better energy, and feel way better about myself.  It’s fun to get compliments and buy smaller clothes, but I actually enjoy the smaller moments more:  I don’t have to worry about seat belts not fitting, or holding my breath to squeeze into restaurant booths.

I just reached my first goal (100 pounds), and my reward will be going to Magic Mountain to ride roller coasters, which I haven’t been able to ride my entire adult life.  My new goal is 52 more pounds, which would put me at 250.  I want to find a healthy and maintainable weight, so when I reach 250, I’ll reassess again.

People have started asking what my secret is, and I’ve thought a great deal about how to answer.  What I’ll say now is this:  It hasn’t been easy, but I finally figured out that I already have, within me, all the tools necessary to make the changes I need and want in my life, and I have learned how to use those tools to achieve success.

= = = = = = = = = =

A lot has happened since I wrote this two years ago, and that’s why I started this blog. In total, I’ve lost over 160 pounds now, and have kept it off for 2 years. I still struggle with food, and finding time and energy to work out, and I’ll continue to share those struggles – and the successes – right here on this website.

Keep it up, David!


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  1. Tavi says:

    I am so proud of you David!!!! you look amazing! keep up the good work! and let’s go for a run or let’s meet up for a spin class or a dance class… wanna learn how to ballroom?

    • Sharon says:

      I need your help…being diabetic and having high blood pressure, I need to lose weight but it isn’t moving for me, any ideas??

      • David says:

        Hello Sharon! I would recommend finding a few simple things you can do every day to be healthier, and sticking with them. Then, you can start adding on more and more changes in your diet and exercise, and before you know it you’ve changed the way you eat and move, and the pounds will fall off. Read more in this post – particularly in my response to Zach. Welcome to Keep it up, David!


      • David says:

        Thanks for stopping by, and welcome! I wish you the best of health and know you can conquer the things that are holding you back. Do something healthy today, and tomorrow, and keep it up! -D

    • Thanks for the inspiration, I never had a weight problem until I had my kids and stopped exercising and eating poorly. It seems like every year I gained ten pounds, which brought me up to 180. I didn’t even weigh that much when I delivered my kids. Up until about a month ago I was miserable, I was living on tums and maalox, had tremendous stomach pain and acid reflux. I found an eating plan on the internet called great taste no pain, since I have changed my eating habits I have lost 15 pounds and am no longer in pain! I wish I would have made this change a long time ago but I am just thankful that I am doing it now!!!

      • David says:

        Congrats on the 15 pounds, Kim – Keep it up! And welcome to Keep it up, David – hope you come back and keep reading!

  2. Abby says:

    That is such an incredible story! A friend of mine is on a similar journey and recently reached her 100 lb. loss mark as well. Even though you guys look completely different, if you’re anything like her, your attitude has completely changed along with your body.

    You are SO worth it and it’s not about looks, it’s about knowing you deserve to be healthy and happy. What a great journey you’re on! Keep it up 😉

    • David says:

      Thanks, Abby, for the great note and for taking a look at my page! And you’re right about attitude – it’s hard not to feel better about myself when I finally feel in control of so many parts of my life that were out of control before! Welcome to Keep It Up, David!

  3. Ashlee Friess (Smith) says:

    David this is TRULY amazing…it takes a lot of courage, strength and HONOR to do what you are doing! I AM PROUD OF YOU! I am rooting for you and can’t wait till you reach your 2nd goal…I just set and reached a goal by running a half marathon…I also have lost 35 lbs. since Jan. I have 5-10 more and IT IS SOOOO HARD!!!!!!!! I am keeping it up! Good luck David and CONGRATS! You have accomplished soooo much already! Keep it up, David

    • David says:

      Ashlee! This post made my day – thanks for reading the blog, and such a lovely note. Congrats on your own 35 pounds, and Keep It Up! Hope all is well with you and the family!

  4. Wow! You look AMAZING! Congratulations on your loss. Definitely inspirational to read your story. And hey the fact that you’re a fellow Michigander helps me connect with you even more (even if you’re not a Michigander anymore! lol 😉 So, have you rode any roller coasters yet?

    Parts of your story I could have wrote myself – being overweight my entire life, parents/family talking to me about dieting back in elementray school, binging & purging, laxatives. I never acted on my suicidal thoughts but I’ve had them, lots of them. Even though I don’t know, all this really hits home and makes me feel even more of a connection with you. It’s nice knowing that there’s others out there that have been in my shoes so to speak.

    Thank you for sharing your story! And congratulations on all you’ve accomplished so far! Keep up the awesome work.

    • David says:

      Thank you, Tishia, for checking out my blog and leaving your comments (this one and the other ones). It was a tough process writing my story, but what I learned once I put it out there is that a lot of what I’ve experienced and thought and felt are really universal. And I agree that it’s comforting to not feel alone about any of it.

      I have ridden roller coasters! My first ever blog post in September was about my Six Flags experience – click here.

      And I’ll always be a Michigander no matter where I live!

  5. David, this is a moving and awesome story. Keep it up, you are doing so great! And you look amazing! (I saw you in those little Gap jeans!)

  6. Robin says:

    Just read “The Story So Far” and looked at your photo gallery and wanted to tell you how wonderful it is that you’ve made these changes. You look so much healthier and happier; and your good looks are shining through even more. Wishing you continued success..I’ll be following you to see how you’re doing.

  7. sharon bleach says:

    Hi David ….I am so proud of you…Your story has given me knew hope ..and all i need to lose is 40 lbs..would love to be able to work out with you or find out more about the recipes you decided to use…I will be looking for Richard Simmons online..I have tried to lose the extra pounds I put on because of depression…hope yuou will share with me in more detail…keep up the good work and positive attitude..and feel free to contact me anytime…i am on facebook….

  8. Alex says:


    What a truly amazing journey. I am dying to know what “healthy choices” you keep for when you want to snack. Good luck as your story continues,


  9. Lindsay says:

    You are incredible! I’m at my heaviest right now too, and getting ready to get back in the saddle, so to speak, and lose this weight! I loved your story and will continue to follow you, as you’re such an inspiration David!!! You look amazing and seem to have a wonderful attitude about it all. Keep up the good work – I’m rooting for you!

  10. Kim says:

    Great inspiration!

  11. Susan Craig says:

    Hi David … great job…I would like to know how you reorganized your time…how did you find it and the strength to start. That always seems to be my problem and I have enough excuses to write a book on how to not get started. Feeling tired all the time and how to get passed that is hard for me. I am almost 49yrs old and before I turn 50 this needs to come off!!! Medical problems are starting and some I have had for a long time. Your story and with the help of Richard Simmons and your inner strength has gotten you where you are. Kudos to you.. Susan

  12. Cathy B says:

    Wow! You truly are an inspiration! I am 23 years old and I weigh 235 pounds…I am at my worst. I never used to be heavy but once I gradutated school and started my own home business, I really began to pack on the pounds. Snacking is my biggest enemy. I can go throughout the day eating well and healthy but once night time hits I snack like crazy! For the past for weeks I’ve been working on my weight loss journey. I started at 250 so I have lost 15 pounds already. I was thrilled about that but then got a little down at the long road that was still ahead of me. Seeing you on Ellen today and reading your blog has given me that ‘Pick me up’ that I really needed…Thank you! Keep up your amazing work and congratulations!

  13. Tim says:

    Hey David, awesome job! You are a true inspiration. I myself have been battling weight all my life. Finally after 41 years, I decided to make some serious changes. Otherwise it would have just been poor quality of life for me and continued struggles with health and happiness. I haven’t been nearly as successful as you have been but I have gone from 276 to 204 this past year. You can actaully see my initial transformation on and look at the before and afters link and find Timothy. I’m the only Chinese guy. LOL. The holidays were a little set back and I now have a shoulder injury but I’m getting back on track and hope to be down near my goal weight of 170ish by July 2011. Thanks again for sharing your story!

    Kansas City, MO

  14. Leah says:

    What kinds of foods did you eat? I know you said that you stayed away from processed foods, but can you be a little more specific, please?
    Keep up the good work!!!

  15. Erin says:

    Congratulations David! Your story is truly inspiring. It gives me hope, hope to believe that I can accomplish what you have accomplished and start feeling better about myself. You work so hard, and I can see the same problems that you have experienced I am experiencing now. Sometimes I wish it was easy, and I look at other girls and ask, ‘Why can’t I be like them?’. And I know I shouldn’t think that way but I can’t help it. I know I will never be a size zero but I hope to be a size healthy one day. I’m so glad you were on Ellen and that I found your blog. It has inspired me to revamp my efforts for weight loss, and to regain control of my life and be happy overall with the way and look, and to really love myself.
    Good luck with your journey, and I truly hope one day I will be as successful as you!

  16. Shelby says:

    Hi David,

    First off I am so proud of you!!! It is hard to get on a healthy way of eating. I am struggling with my weight right now I am 170lbs and I am supposed to be 130-140 I was 186 and tried the Dr. Bernstein diet. Sure I lots 40lbs but I also felt like I was deprived of food. I got down to 146 but then now I have been gaining the weight right back like crazy. I have a hard time giving up candy. What do you do to stop cravings also are you just doing exercise from the Richard Simmons videos? I have some health problems like asthma and bad knees and wonder if the video workouts are hard. Also what do you eat in a day how many meals a day? Good luck with the rest of your weight loss.

  17. Uddy says:

    Hi David, you are such an inspiration! I am 28yrs old and almost 200lbs. I’m at my worst right now and only decided to do something about it this year. Reading your blog has given me an encouraging push in the right direction. All the best.

  18. Susie says:

    Reading and reading ur stories n blogs… makes me think of how I used to feel about myself.

    Now, thru my weight loss journey I feel GREAT!
    It is All about the Attitude and Mentality!
    a yr ago I got started thru my weight loss journey an ppl now ask me what’s my secret. Now, I’m 109 lbs lighter and I tell them that is all about thinking Positive and eating for a Better Me!
    I also tell them “Nothing feels & taste better then 109lbs”…Lol

    Keep it up David!

  19. Tonya Cooper says:

    KEEP IT UP DAVID! I totally agree with you and the whole DIET thing…..All of us have the proper tools instored in us to lose weight we just have to be READY to use them. You can’t deprieve yourself of things that you want and like but I do believe exercise is a must for all of us. It’s NOT a diet it’s a total different way of living your life. I lost 75lbs 12 years ago and have kept all of it off EXCEPT 20lbs…..Iam currently back to the gym and loosing at a rate of 2lbs a week. Iam eating like WE are suppose to and getting 4-5 days of cardio in and about 3 days of circuit training. I have energy, sleep better and feel GREAT! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your life with all of us! You are inspiring to so many people!

  20. Melissa Walker says:

    Hey David, can you tell Richard I need his help aswell 🙂

  21. Mtee says:

    My dear David.I have been so inspired by your story and your success, that it has spurred me to finally take my quest to lose weight seriously. I am in it for the long haul. I am not looking for quick fix and like you, I am not sharing my efforts. I have made changes in my diets and feel very good about it. I want to eat for life, the right way, not just diet to lose and not maintain. I give my self a whole year. As you are my inspiration, I will come by your site regularly to be encouraged, embraced and held up when I slip.Wish me luck as I wish you continued success. BRAVO! You look so good.

  22. Lisa says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Although I am not at my ideal weight, I am finding peace from overeating through OA. I encourage anyone suffering from compulsive eating to attend an OA meeting.

  23. maria says:

    Hello David my name is Maria I am 31 years old and weigh 240lb I have 6 kids and it has been a struggle for me to loose weight please give me some advice I am feeling very depressed and have no energy I try to workout but I see no results I want to get a trainer but they are expensive, please help me…thanks

  24. Jean-Louise says:

    David your story is positively inspirational. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been on the journey using weight Watchers but fell of the wagon and a getting back on track. Reading your blog inspires me to keep going.

  25. Leona says:

    I have lost 40 lbs but am at a stump I cant seem to get the weight loss going again .and I like you have been over weight for as long as I can remember.My family knows how to cook lol and we have never eat healthy we eat big southern meals and I was never big on sweets my downfall is over stuffing.I have cut all my intake down and cut out soda but here I am not loosing again so I guess I need to make a food log and try it a new way.I am always happy to hear when someone has lost so much weight pad on the back to you way to go:-)

  26. Leona says:

    sorry not pad on back PAT ON THE BACK LOL

  27. Marie says:

    Dear David, Wow you are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story. Ifound out this year that I have diabetes, and high cholestorol. Turning 50 hasn’t been much fun. But wiyh your encoragement I think I canworkon my last remaining 50-60 Thank you!

  28. Indira says:

    Hi David,
    Your blog is such an inspiration. I have been fighting with weight issues ever since I remember. Im now 30 and at my heaviest. Im try to get started on a healthy life style and just hope I keep up.

    • David says:

      Thanks for the note, Indira, and welcome to Keep it up, David! I wish you the best of luck – it’s hard work, but totally worth it!

  29. Christine says:

    Hi David! I find your blog to be very interesting and inspiring. I have a very long road to go and can use all the help I can get. I have lost 28 pounds so far. You look amazing; it must feel so as well! You should be proud.

  30. Sara says:

    Just found your blog today and I love your site! Congrats on all the success and I wish you well with your healthy lifestyle 🙂 I’ve been overweight for so long and the last time I felt good in my body was, uhhhh, 7th grade?! I started Weight Watchers at the end of April and I’ve lost 7.2 pounds and I’m already seeing some changes in my body, which is never a bad thing. I live in Colorado Springs and remember you said something about your sister living here in Colorado—so beautiful here. Looking forward to your next post!

    • David says:

      Thanks, Sara, for stopping by and saying Hello! Congrats on the 7.2 pounds – KEEP IT UP! and I LOVE Colorado. It is beautiful there. My sister and her family are in the Boulder area, and I every time I visit I don’t want to leave!

  31. Rebecca Hill says:

    David – I am so totally proud of you and completely inspired! You’re looking great and I know you’re feeling great too – KEEP IT UP, DAVID! We’re all rooting for you!

    Rebecca Hill

  32. Shawn says:

    Hello David, what a great story- my favourite part

    “Another big breakthrough is that I’ve figured out how to combat my biggest weakness: my attitude. Every prior diet derailed after making poor food choices, because I would think, ‘There goes my diet today, so I should eat whatever I want, and get back on track tomorrow.’ And then I’d stretch ‘tomorrow’ to ‘next week’ to ‘next month’ to ‘next year.’ So now I eliminate temptation wherever I can. I keep lots of healthy options at home, so I never feel stuck eating the same thing. Each morning, I think about every meal that day, and I end up getting excited for what I’ve planned. And while I could keep chips or ice cream around as an occasional treat, it’s so hard to limit myself to one serving size, so I just don’t buy it.”

    I believe attitude is a huge part of Success… having goals and doing the necessary to achieve them- looking at your story your an inspiration to millions of people!

    I read you twitter profile.. that say you are looking for new ways to keep you motivated… I am doing a detox right now, its tough but for people with a real goal it is what they need. Followed by a nutrilean programme thats easy to follow could be a new idea for you and some friends to try..

    Take a look at the programme and drop me an email shoudl you like what you see..would be great to have your feedback..

    Keep working hard and focused good luck!


  33. courtney says:

    Congrats on your weight loss! I have been overweight my whole life but for the most part not over 200 lbs but recently I gained a lot of weight and was shocked to find that I weighed 250 lbs. Right then I decided I have no choice but to lose this weight-I started a food journal and have been trying to eat healthier focusing on smaller portions, and exercise. I have lost 15 lbs since I started 49 days ago and I am very committed to losing the weight, but I feel like I am plagued with fear of not losing the weight and if I don’t lose 2 lbs a week I get upset that I am doing something wrong (with food choices) and have been hearing horror stories about people saying it is pointless to lose a lot of weight if you don’t have the money for plastic surgery to get rid of all the extra skin, do you have any advice or opinion on this??

    • David says:

      Fifteen pounds is fantastic, Courtney – congratulations, and KEEP IT UP!
      People have been telling you it’s pointless to lose weight if you can’t afford excess skin removal? REALLY? That might be the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever heard. Don’t listen to them. There’s are many reasons to lose weight: You will feel better, you will live longer, you will sleep better, you will have more energy, you’ll get tons of compliments. There’s five reasons right there – five good reasons – and right off the top of my head. So the next time someone tells you it’s pointless to lose weight, kick them in the crotch, or walk away. They’re not someone you need to have around you.
      Remember that everyone loses weight at a different rate. You’re obviously doing something right to have lost 15 pounds in 7 weeks. It’s easier said than done, but don’t focus on the number – just keep doin’ what you’re doin’, because it’s working! KEEP IT UP! -David

  34. Bella says:

    You look amazing, and I’m sure you feel even better! Your story is remarkable, and it gives me so much hope and inspiration. You’re truly “paying it forward” through this blog. You received help from Richard S. and now you’re helping hundreds (thousands?) of others. Awesome!

  35. Wendy says:

    Hey! You’re famous! I did Deal a Meal many years ago and I own “Sweatin'” 1-3. I think RIchard is a great motivator and I wish I could have stuck to “Deal a Meal”. I think he’s pretty awesome. I looked at your blog, back to the beginning of November. You’re such an inspiration! I look forward to reading more!

  36. Giulia says:

    Hi David,

    Just came across your blog and I’m sure you don’t get sick of getting more compliments, so with that I have to tell you that I’m inspired about your transformation. I’ve always struggled with weight and am now trying to make a serious effort with it, mainly the eating part. I think people don’t realize that’s the hardest part. I’m an active person, I love working out, trying new fitness routines or exercises but that’s all to waste if I don’t watch what I eat. I’m making a conscious decision about what i eat and know that if I do treat myself that all is not lost, and tomorrow is another day. I look forward to following your journey! Great job! You look fantastic!

    • David says:

      Thank you, Giulia, for leaving such a great comment – welcome to Keep it up, David! It sounds like you have the right attitude, and that makes all the difference – so KEEP IT UP!

  37. L-Jay Health says:

    Great progress David. Keep up the great work

  38. Deb says:

    My end goal is to lose 100 pounds, and I’m halfway there after a few set backs. Its been slow going, but it is going. I too suffer from depression (I’m bipolar II) as well as anxiety, which lends complications to everything at times.

    here are so many wonderful people sharing their journeys that are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing yours!

    • David says:

      Congrats on being halfway to your goal – it takes a lot of courage and determination to get back up after getting set back, so that’s awesome. Keep it up!

  39. Gerard says:


  40. Very inspiring story! I look forward to reading your blog. I started my journey to a healthy lifestyle in April. I have actually been enjoying it. I have found I love exercising and getting my body moving. I also cook from scratch and have found many delicious meals my husband and I both enjoy.

  41. Jan Howell says:

    Very inspiring story, David, I know your experience will help many others. Thank you and best wishes for continued success. Jan

  42. Hey there- you are motivating me. I just got bowflexmax3. Lost 80 pounds a few years ago but lost focus and stopped smoking so gain 60 back and just can’t seem to get motivated. Changing now to get on macheine

  43. Paul Connor says:

    Hey David
    I have enjoyed reading about your experience and I share a lot of the same in terms of my attitude.

    I am going to follow you as a role model and aspire using your experience to hopefully achieve weight loss myself.

    I recently turned 50 and am 115 kg. Would so love to be 85 kg. Will let you know how I go.

    Best regards.

    Paul Connor, Perth, Western Australia.

  44. Audra says:

    Greetings David! Welcome to healthy living—- It’s a lifestyle- and it’s forever……….hope you never decide to leave!

    Love, LOVE, LOVE your story!

    Coincidentally, I found it looking for places to workout when I get to LA next week- A dear friend and I are meeting up for a few days of fun- but of course- my fun ALWAYS includes sweating! I’ve been watching Richard Simmons workout “vhs’s” LOL since 80-90’s I did them while pregnant with all 4 of my sons!!!!!! Richard Simmons —he is SO inspiring and funny and he is genuine- he truly cares about the world and about helping people be the healthiest version of themselves they can possibly be.

    You are so right to seek motivation and encouragement everywhere you can- because in doing so- you also spread your encouragement and motivation to others- somebody is ALWAYS looking for that one person or thing that will help push them- help them keep on keeping on- take the next steps, keep moving forward, just keep swimming……….. You motivated me! Thank you! I’ll be at the steps Monday, April 23rd if you want to join me for a quick sweatfest! Hugs to you David, stay strong!!!!!!!!!!

    • David says:

      Thanks, Audra, it’s a bit odd to be welcomed to something I’ve been doing for 8 years, but THANKS! Appreciate you stopping by, and thanks for all the kind words. Have fun at whatever steps you’re visiting next week. I’m out of town that today – coming back from San Francisco that evening – but have a blast! There’s tons of awesome stairs to climb, all over the city.

  45. Sonya Bhatia says:

    Hey David,

    big fan! what was ellen like?

    keep it up, Sonya and Isabel!

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