Motivational Speaking

Looking for a motivational speaker? I’m your guy!

I have a 30-minute presentation that’s perfect for weight loss groups, students, community organizations, or anyone interested in health and weight loss. I’ve spoken at Whole Foods locations, the world-famous Getty Center in Los Angeles, at blogger conferences, and at corporate headquarters.

It’s called “Make One Change” and in it, I talk about my history with obesity, how I first met Richard Simmons, and how he got me started on my weight loss journey. I share how I lost the weight and how I avoid or overcome temptations, cravings, and difficult situations. Plus, I identify the simple things that anyone can do to start their own journey towards healthier living. After the 30-minute presentation, I’ll lead a question and answer session, if desired!

“I loved David’s story and asked him to give a lecture at our store. David is an engaging, informative and entertaining speaker – his journey truly inspired all in attendance!”  –Joyce deBrevannes, Marketing & Community Relations, Whole Foods Porter Ranch

“We loved his class and hearing his success story. David is not only inspiring, he is relatable and has a great sense of humor. We welcome David to host another lecture at Whole Foods Market in Pasadena anytime  he wants to return.“  –Heather Barnard, Marketing Supervisor, Whole Foods Pasadena

Read about my speaking engagements at Whole Foods here and here.

For more information, email me at: and use ‘motivational speaking’ in the subject line.


5 Responses to Motivational Speaking

  1. Laura B. says:

    You have to videotape this for those of us who can’t attend!!!

  2. DidoCarthage says:

    Yes, what Laura said.

  3. chauncyrenay says:

    Any upcoming events? I loved the last one!

  4. Moya says:

    Nice before and after of you and Richard!

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