Sardine Sandwich

My sister Sarah gave me a subscription to Eating Well Magazine as a birthday present this year, which I’ve generally been enjoying very much – interesting articles, and lots of recipes – although I haven’t made very many yet, admittedly.   But when I saw their article on The #1 Food You Should Eat (And Probably Don’t), I decided to give that #1 food, sardines, a go.

Since first reading the article a few months ago, I’ve bought maybe 7 or 8 tins of sardines (not all at once!), and when I realized last night that I had 3 tins in my cupboard, I thought I’d make something with them for lunch today.   All my prior sardine meals involved tossing them into a big salad of some kind, but I was in the mood for something different, and since I had just bought tortillas, I decided to make a wrap.  I drained the tin (I bought headless and tailless sardines packed in water, not oil), patted them dry (so residual moisture wouldn’t make the tortilla soggy), and threw them in a tortilla with mustard, about a teaspoon of Miracle Whip Lite, bean sprouts, and sunflower greens, one of my favorite things to buy at the farmer’s market.

The wrap wasn’t very good.  Here’s the thing with sardines – they’re strong in taste, and very strong in scent.  Pungent.  Odoriferous.  Maybe next time I’ll use less sardines, or maybe I should look up actual sardine recipes.  Probably, I’ll do both – I still have 2 tins left on the shelf!

Two things I can’t do right now:  1) Solicit my readers for sardine recipe ideas, because I don’t really have any readers yet, and 2) Share a photo of the wrap, because I forgot to snap a picture before eating it.  So, instead, here’s a photo of the brand of sardines I just ate:

Keep It Up, David!

2 Responses to Sardine Sandwich

  1. annie says:

    squeeze fresh lemon juice on fish to make it taste less fishy

  2. I used sardines to make a cream cheese veggie dip, but I know that cheese isn’t exactly low in fat. However, I DID hear about this awesome tip that said when you’re making casseroles or stir-fries or other one pot meals, sardines are a great substitute for cheese because they add that salty/umami flavor without the fat of cheese. I’ve never tried it myself. Let me know if you do — I’m curious to see if it works!

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