So Close.

I’ll let my chart kick off today’s post:

Yep – still one pound away from my goal.  It was my secret dream (as in, I never blogged about it) to reach my next weight loss goal before leaving to go to Michigan.  But I’m leaving for Michigan bright and early in the morning, and, as of this morning, I didn’t make my dream come true.  I’m so close!

I was looking back, via my chart, at my progress during the past couple of months, and while the rate at which I’m losing weight has slowed considerably compared to when I first started this journey, I’ve still been losing at a pretty consistent pace of about a pound a week.  And it has only hardened my resolve to not gain weight during these holidays.  I’m okay with not losing weight, so long as I don’t gain any either.

Here’s why:

Hypothetically, if I gain 5 pounds between now and the end of the year, thanks to the abundance of cookies and fudge and egg nog and ham and everything else, I’ll basically have undone all my hard work since the beginning of November.  If I start losing those five pounds after the New Year at the same rate that I lost them the first time, it will take me basically the entire month of January.  That means all my efforts for three months (November, December, January) will all be for the same 5 pounds.  If I were to gain 10 pounds, than I’ll have undone all my hard work since the beginning of October, and it will take me until the end of February to lose them again.  That’s 5 months devoted to losing the same 10 pounds twice.  5 months is almost half a year!  It’s just not worth it.

At 7am this morning I was at the park, and Oscar brought a little something for me and Joe to try – his morning green drink.  I forgot to take a picture – I don’t think my brain had fully awoken yet – but basically he threw in a blender a bunch of produce: spinach, kale, collards, celery, and some bananas, strawberries, and pineapple.  The end result was a nice green color, and tasted like I pulled up a handful of grass from the lawn and lightly sweetened it.  That description makes it sound worse than it actually was, because it wasn’t that bad!  It pretty much tastes like all the things he made it from.  I kinda like the idea the blending up greens – maybe in the new year I’ll dust off the blender that’s sitting on the top shelf of my cupboard and start making my own!

Tomorrow I’m getting on a plane at 9:45am to heading to Detroit, and I don’t land until after 7pm – so my apologizes now if I don’t get around to blogging until Friday.  I have most of my clothes laid out already, so tonight, after getting home from the theater (I’m going to see West Side Story and can’t wait – it’s one of my favorite shows and I haven’t seen it in a really long time) I’ll pack everything all up.  Hopefully I’ll be able to wake up extra early and maybe go for a run or use the bike in the gym in my building before heading to the airport.

Keep it up, David!

2 Responses to So Close.

  1. Tavi says:

    inquiring minds want to know: did you work out before leaving for Michigan?

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