The Great Michigan Gym Search 2010

Ok – so “Great” may be a big of an exaggeration.  But since I’m gonna be in Michigan for the next two and a half weeks or so, I’m gonna need a place to work out.  My parents have a treadmill and a stationary bike in the basement, but I can’t use the treadmill because I’m too tall and my head hits the ceiling, and I’ll get bored with just the bike.  So this morning, the Great Michigan Gym Search 2010 began – by which I mean I called three area gyms to inquire about what kind of rate they could offer me for 2 weeks of use.

  • Option 1: Powerhouse Gym, West Bloomfield I grew up coming here all the time – except for back then it wasn’t a gym, it was the Americana West, a 6-screen movie theater.  Across the parking lot was a bulk food store, so it was really easy to buy a ton of great candy for, like, 1/4 of what the movie theater charged, and sneak it in.  When I was in high school or college, the movie theater closed, and Powerhouse turned all 6 theaters into one big gym.  Jan, who I spoke to on the phone, said that the day rate was $10, but she could sell me 10 passes for $90 or 20 passes for $160.  They also offered a variety of classes, which was a plus.
  • Option 2: Fitness 19, West Bloomfield.  Not familiar with this place, but it popped up on a Google search, along with the fact that scenes from an episode of the HBO show Hung were shot there earlier this year.  Since it was convenient, location-wise, I gave them a call.  Joanna could offer me 1 week for $25, or 2 weeks for $35.  They didn’t offer classes, but the price is much more in the ball park of what I wanted to pay.
  • Option 3: Bally’s Total Fitness, Bloomfield Hills My dad used to belong to this gym back in the day (when it was a Vic Tanny Health Club, which was eventually bought out by Bally’s), and played tons of racquetball there.  I’ve never been inside before, but it’s only about 8 minutes away.  I talked to Deborah on the phone, and she told me their day rate was $10, but she could sell me 20 passes that would expire after 1 month for $20.  The gym offered a variety of classes (a plus) and was the only gym of the three with a pool (another plus).

I hardly deliberated at all – I was sold on Option 3, and I was walking in and signing up 20 minutes later.

Here’s some crappy cell phone pictures of my new gym for the next few weeks:

Surprise – It looks like a gym!  Here’s the pool (photo taken through a window):

There’s also an indoor track (although I forgot to ask how long it was), lots of free weights and weight machines, a nice locker room, and there’s still 2 racquetball courts in the back (you can tell there used to be 6 but they’ve renovated).

I was ready to workout.  I didn’t exercise yesterday, although I intended to.  My plan was to wake up at 6am, hop on the bike in the teeny-tiny gym in my building for 45 minutes, then shower and change and get all ready to go by 8am, when Jen was coming to take me to the airport for my flight.  What actually happened was this:  My phone woke me up at 8:12am – it was Jen, saying she’s been out front for 10 minutes, did I get her text?   SWEET.  After about 45 seconds of solid cursing, I hustled out the door and was in her car by about 8:25, and still made my flight with time to spare.

Back to the present.  I decided, after exploring every corner of the gym, that I would just do cardio today.  They have CrossRamps, which is like an elliptical but with adjustable incline settings.  My regular gym in Los Angeles doesn’t have them, and I love them, so I hopped on and spent 46 minutes listening to my iPod and half-watching CNN on the TV on the wall.  As I was finishing up, one of the personal trainers there, Chuck, was going around, offering a free little service to help stretch out your legs.  A few minutes later I met him down by the stretching tables, and soon he was slowly bending and moving my legs in directions I didn’t think they could go.  It felt really wonderful.  I highly recommend that if a handsome gentleman tells you to lay down on a table and offers to bend your legs in multiple directions, you should take him up on it.  I’ll let your dirty little minds run with that sentence in any direction you please.

I grabbed a class schedule on my way out, and later today will put together a plan of attack for working out this weekend.  Oh, and I also have to swing by a sporting-goods store to buy a pair of goggles so I can swim.

Keep it up, David!

6 Responses to The Great Michigan Gym Search 2010

  1. Laura B. says:

    That’s my gym!! We’ll have to meet-up there next week. 🙂

  2. annie says:

    Wow! I cant believe you have a personal stretch person for free!. the gym looks great. Have fun!

  3. JoeBob says:

    Give Bertie my Love!

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