Early Morning Hike

Today is a new day, and I’m feeling much much better than I was last night.  And part of the reason is because I was up before dawn today for an early morning hike!  My friend Jen (the very same Jen who came with me to Magic Mountain) invited me to join her for her new exercise routine – hiking in the hills at 6:30am every day.  We arranged that I would be at her place at 6:15, which meant I had to wake up even earlier.

We picked up Tiffany, who’s been hiking with Jen every day, and who I enjoy hanging out with (more on Tiffany in future blogs, because she has a hobby that I’m very interested in…), and Tiffany brought along two friends of her own!

The poodle closer to me is Snuggles, and Dixie is the one that’s closer to the camera.  They’re super cute, even though Tiffany mentioned 8,000 times that she thought they needed a bath.  I disagreed.

Our hiking route was Fryman Canyon, which, despite probably being the closest hiking trail to my house, is one I’ve never been on before.  It was also all over the news last week, as police combed the park, on horseback, in helicopters, and on foot, searching for a murderer.  Don’t worry Mom – the murderer was never found (they think he made his way to Mexico), but we were with two apparently dirty attack miniature poodles just in case.  I scanned the faces of everyone we passed, just in case, because these helpful signs were still posted along the trail:

I was scanning tattoos left and right.

The hike itself was quite nice.  A steep incline at the beginning as you get up in the hills, and then a gradual upwards slope, then a gradual downhill slope (funny how that works out).  We passed a number of other walkers, runners, dogs, and bikers – and I thought I had a celebrity sighting: Carson Daly, whizzing by on his bike – but due to helmet and bike speed, I’m not completely certain it was him, although a Google Search for ‘Carson Daly Cycling’ brings up 39,500 results.

The best part about the hike was that I got home around 8:15am, and I got to go back to bed.  I could get used to unemployment.  Napping is fun, and a free activity.  I’ll leave you with one final picture – a view of the San Fernando Valley from up in the hills.  Apparently, there is quite a nice view from this particular trail, although not today, thanks to the fog smog fog.

Keep it up, David!

2 Responses to Early Morning Hike

  1. Karen says:

    Cross-country air high five 🙂 I haven’t seen you as many times as I’ve heard stories about your awesomeness from your adoring friends, and I know you’re a success… Keep it up!! You look fabulous!

  2. annie says:

    i love your blogs -esp “casual male” saying goodbye

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