Practice Jog #1

Last week I set my goal (to jog past all 4 strip clubs in my neighborhood without stopping) and established my route.  This evening was my first practice jog.  My longest jog so far was 40 minutes, without stopping, so I set my goal today to go at least 41 minutes.  Baby steps.  So how long did I make it tonight?  41 minutes!  Mission: Accomplished.

I didn’t really think about my route before leaving, but I ended up jogging past Blue Zebra, 1 of the 4 strip clubs, anyway.  As an added bonus, I also happened to jog past an Adult Video Store.  I’m not sure of the name, but according to the 6 signs hanging on the outside of the building, DVDs there start at $6.95.  Y’all should write that down for when it becomes time to start your Christmas shopping.

In addition to setting a new personal best for length of time, I also set a new personal best for distance: 3.1 miles, up from old personal best of 3.0 miles.  Only .7 miles short of my strip club goal!

For dinner tonight I invented a little concoction that turned out to be pretty tasty.  It started with a Trader Joe’s Vegetable Masala Burger:

It was the first time I had one, and it was pretty good – basically, a veggie burger with Indian flavors.  I recommend.  I grilled it in my RediSetGo (I’ve already made a note to myself to talk about this informercial product in a future blog) along with some bell pepper and carrots.  Then I chopped the burger up, put it in a tortilla with the grilled veggies, as well as some of the Armenian cucumber I bought at the farmer’s market and a little nonfat Greek yogurt, and rolled it all up burrito-style.  The end result:

The pile behind the burrito is the extra veggies that didn’t fit in the burrito, with another dollop of yogurt, and some carrot sticks on the side.  I was impressed with myself for creating this little improv dinner.  Definitely an improvement over the epic sardine sandwich failure.

Keep it up, David!


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