I’m Ready For Something New. Introducing…Personal Trainer Food!

I still get excited when a package shows up at my door. And when a big package shows up, I get downright geeked!


This package had 60 pounds of food inside – everything I’d need for four weeks of healthy eating!

Let me back up a few steps. A few weeks ago, the kind folks at Personal Trainer Food reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in trying their program. Their inquiry came at a good time, because I was ready for a change. As my weight loss chart shows, I’ve gained 10 pounds in the past year. Even though 10 pounds isn’t catastrophic, especially compared to the 160 I’ve lost and kept off, I’ve been slowly sliding in the wrong direction, and I knew if I didn’t do something different, I might continue sliding and sliding up and up.

So I looked into the Personal Trainer Food company, and I liked what I saw. It’s a meal delivery service, and their food plan is low-carb and high protein. You can check it out, too – here’s the Personal Trainer Food website.

Meals come individually packaged. There’s breakfasts, and proteins and vegetables for lunches and dinners. The proteins and vegetables are packaged separately, so you can mix and match as you’d like. They send 4 weeks of food at a time, packaged with dry ice, so it’s still very frozen when it arrives (and allowing me to have some mad scientist fun with the dry ice!).

Sixty pounds of food is a lot!


I cleared out or consolidated half my freezer to make room.


And I needed every inch!


What you eat (and when) depends on which plan you choose. There’s a program designed for women called Rev, which has slightly more vegetables than protein, but I’m doing RECON, their men’s program, which has more protein.

I have a breakfast for breakfast (d’uh), 1 protein and 1 vegetable for lunch, and 2 proteins and 1 vegetable for dinner. I’m on Day 3 as I write this, and so far I’ve photographed most of my food from Days 1 and 2.

Breakfast: Egg patty with maple sausage

Breakfast: Egg patty with maple sausage

Lunch: Zesty tenders with Venice vegetable blend

Lunch: Zesty tenders with Venice vegetable blend

Dinner: Monterey jack chicken sticks with broccoli florets. They also sent a bottle sweet garlic sauce for the veggies, so I tried that too.

Dinner: Monterey jack chicken sticks with broccoli florets. They also sent a bottle of sweet garlic sauce for the veggies, so I tried that too.

Breakfast: Frittata and bacon

Breakfast: Frittata and bacon

Lunch: Meatballs with California veggie blend

Lunch: Meatballs with California veggie blend


Dinner: Apple and gouda sausage with Key West veggie blend.

A couple things:

If you have a keen eye, you may have noticed my dinners were short a protein. That’s because I decided to save one of those proteins and have it as a snack, to spread out the food. I photographed one of my snacks:

Nontaki Ginger Chicken Strips

Nontaki Ginger Chicken Strips

All the food has been good. Nothing has knocked my socks off, but it’s flavorful, and there’s a wide variety of options (12 breakfasts, 29 proteins, 27 veggies), so I’m not going to get bored.

You may have also noticed that the portions may look small, and that’s because they are. There’s no other way to say it. But that’s okay, because I can supplement the food they provided with additional food of my own. There’s a 1-page list of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ – and since the program is low-carb, all forms of grains and sugars are on the Don’t list. No bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, sweets, etc. (This is why I cut back on carbs on my Mexico trip – to get in the swing of things!) The hard one for me will be no fruit, because I love it so much. (Although they do allow one apple per day.)

On the other hand, I can eat as much meat, eggs, and non-starchy/leafy vegetables as I want. They’re literally unlimited. Towards the end of Day 1, I was feeling hungry, so I took advantage of this and made a big skillet of ground beef, mushrooms, spinach, and pearl onions, and seasoned it with loads of turmeric and Mrs. Dash. I also threw in a package of shirataki noodles that I wanted to use up, which hopefully doesn’t violate the program – they’re made from a low-cal flour substitute and are carb-free, so I assumed they were safe.


Also, when I went to the movies, I snuck into the theater a bag of beef jerky and a 1.5 ounce bag of almonds. (Nuts are approved, up to 3 ounces a day.)

I’m gonna update you on my progress throughout the next four weeks, both on this blog and on my social media channels (links below). I’m excited to see how this works out! So far I’m enjoying it. I get to try new things, and the plan makes eating easy – all meals are ready in the microwave in 2 or 3 minutes, tops. I’ve noticed I’m a little more tired than I usually am, but that hasn’t stopped me from exercising, and I’m hoping that’ll change as I settle into the program. (It’s a common side effect of low-or-no-carb eating.)

I told the Personal Trainer Food folks that I’d do a Before and After photo – so here’s the Before one, taken a few days ago in Mexico…


…stay tuned for the after one!

Keep it up, David!

Disclosure: Personal Trainer Food provided me 4 weeks of food at no cost to me. My opinions and comments about their program are, and will continue to be, my own.


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8 Responses to I’m Ready For Something New. Introducing…Personal Trainer Food!

  1. Laura says:

    Interesting post David! Question: In one of your next posts can you provide a little more background on the program? How many calories a day does their meal plan provide? Does it say anywhere that the portions are based on an x-calorie per day diet? Calorie requirements can vary widely based on height, weight, gender and activity level, and whether or not you want to lose, maintain or gain. What is the goal of the program (from the program’s perspective) and how does this program adjust for this with pre-portioned/packaged meals apart from identifying a male or female plan? Thanks in advance for the additional info! 🙂

    • David says:

      Thanks for the question, Laura. The word ‘calorie’ isn’t used at all in the literature I received with my delivery, and you have to dig to find it anywhere on their website. The program’s goal is weight loss. Taken from their ‘Guidelines to Success’: “We want you to forget all the rocket-science nutrition and workout stuff you have heard over the years. Good health and a lean body is simple: eat the right foods. It is almost impossible for your body to convert foods like meat, eggs, and vegetables into body fat. When you replace the wrong foods with the right foods, your body will start to burn existing body fat as fuel, and you will reach your ideal weight… We don’t believe in the complicated points systems, bad-tasting foods, or processed, starchy fillers that other plans use. We make weight loss simple and convenient. Our philosophy is based on eating the way that we did 50-70 years ago before processed foods became so prevalent in our diets. We focus on eating the right foods that will burn fat. Our goal is to teach you to eat the right way for the long term to help you lose the weight and keep it off!” I have yet to find any mention of calorie requirements or adjustments based on the variables you mentioned.

  2. Ann Stone says:

    Thanks for testing for us David. I liked the pictures to get an idea of portion size.

  3. Barbara Ross says:

    keep it up David.good job.

  4. Sean says:

    Interesting article. I recently lost (still going) a little over 80 pounds in 6 months predominantly using personal trainer food. Personal Trainer Food does exactly what they advertise, as long as you follow the do’s and don’ts. The problem I had towards the end was the food quality. Not sure if eating the same 8 meals for 5 months straight led to this or if the food is of poor quality. I personally lean towards the latter. Nonetheless, PTF is the reason I have made it to this point. There are so many positives that come from PTF which negate the food quality. Sometimes in life you just have to buckle down and get through the hard times, such as eating this food for months. About a month ago I stopped eating PTF to switch things up. I have and will continue to carry over the same principles of portion control and low carbs to lose the last 15 pounds. There is no chance I would be where I am today without the help of PTF. No chance at all. Definitely worth a look if you want to lose some weight. All you need to do is follow the guide and you will lose weight.

    • David says:

      Congrats on the weight loss – awesome! Glad to hear from a PTF success story. I haven’t had any food quality issues yet, but it’s great to read other people’s feedback. Appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts – and KEEP IT UP!

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