Looking Forward…to TWO Races in Chicago!

It’s been over a week since my last stair race (my very successful ascent up the US Bank Tower). This past week has definitely been an “off” week for me. There was lots of food I wouldn’t otherwise eat. (I even visited a drive-thru. Or two.) I skipped workouts so my body could recover. I’m just now starting to get back into the swing of things. I worked out both days this weekend, and ate great as well. I’m starting to get focused again… and I have a LOT to focus on, because my next race is a little over a month away! And it’s in a completely different time zone!

I announced last month that I’m heading to Illinois for SkyRise Chicago, the stair race at the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower. And now I have another exciting race announcement: I’m staying in Chicago and competing in the CF Climb the following weekend!

The CF (Cystic Fibrosis) Climb is happening at 300 North LaSalle, a relatively new addition to the Chicago skyline, having opened just five years ago.


The building doesn’t hold any records (it’s the 14th-tallest building in Chicago), but it’s still an impressive structure. 300 North LaSalle stands 60 stories tall, and has a great location right on the Chicago River. The CF Climb website says that the race goes for 58 stories, and will include around 1,200 steps. That’s nothing to sneeze at.

300-north-lasalle-chicago-looking-upI was thrilled when I read that the CF Climb was happening so quickly after SkyRise Chicago, and even more excited when I realized I hadn’t booked my flights yet! And since I have a sister that I rarely see in Chicago with a super-comfy couch, sticking around for a week was an easy decision to make.

Since all these stair climb races are charity fundraisers, adding a race to my schedule also means asking for more money so that I can compete. But I figure, it’s a good cause, and I have lots of friends and supporters, so I’m not gonna let asking for donations stop me from participating in a sport that I love – especially one that so effectively challenges me physically, mentally, and emotionally (you can read my TOWERthon Recap if you want proof of that!).

With that in mind, I’m gonna jump right in and ask you to imagine me, standing in front of you, making direct eye contact with big puppy-dog eyes, maybe even batting my eyelashes. Would you please support one of my upcoming stair climb races? The money benefits worthy causes, and you can write off the donation on your taxes. It doesn’t have to be much, either. Whatever you can spare. Every little bit counts.

Click HERE to support my SkyRise Chicago climb at Willis Tower. All donations support the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the nation’s #1 ranked provider of comprehensive physical medicine and rehabilitation care to patients from around the world.

CLICK HERE to support my Chicago CF Climb  at 300 North LaSalle. All donations support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF), which has funded more CF research than any other organization. Nearly every CF drug available today was made possible because of CFF support.

With the addition of the Chicago CF Climb to my race schedule, that means I’ll have three races in November, back-to-back-to-back in consecutive weekends. I’m exhausted just typing that sentence! First up is SkyRise Chicago, then the Chicago CF Climb, then the Los Angeles CF Climb. And, in December, I’ll be competing in the Orange County CF Climb, at Angel Stadium in Anaheim! I’ll be raising money for the CFF for the next few months!

  • If you’d like to support my Los Angeles CF Climb (and you know you do!), CLICK HERE.
  • If you’d like to support my Orange County CF Climb (why the hell not?) CLICK HERE.

To be honest, I’m flattered that you’re still reading this post, after I just bombarded you with all sorts of donation requests. It means you care. Hopefully that means you’ll take action. Make a donation, or spread the word by sharing this blog post on social media, or forward to your wealthy sibling/cousin/boss/friend from high school.

As for me, I’ll be sure to conquer those stairwells, and make you proud. Tonight, in fact, I’ll be hitting a brand new stairwell. One week off is enough. It’s time to train. Chicago, here I come!

Keep it up, David.


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One Response to Looking Forward…to TWO Races in Chicago!

  1. Coco says:

    David, your legs are going to be jello but you’re going to love it! I’m excited to follow your experiences about these two challenging races.

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