I Signed Up For My First 10K!

Yep, it’s true. I entered a race!

I’ve been thinking about entering a 10k for a while now – ever since I accomplished my goal of running past all those strip clubs. A few weeks ago, I found a race that seemed perfect for me, but I could never quite bite the bullet and commit. Yesterday, I finally committed. I paid my registration fee, and signed myself up.

On Sunday, November 13, I’m running in the weSPARK 3rd Annual 10k Run and 5k Run/Walk!

I’m so excited because the course for this race couldn’t be cooler. It’s the reason I picked this particular 10k to be my first. It’s through all the backlots at Universal Studios! I’ll be running past the Bates Motel, the town from Back to the Future, Wisteria Lane, and the Jaws lagoon. It’s very cool, and very Hollywood.

There’s a charity component to the race as well – it benefits weSPARK, a local organization that provides support to cancer patients and their families. If you’re feeling charitable and want to support my run, you can check out my fundraising page. Learn more about weSPARK here.

The race is only a few weeks away, and I’m excited! I’m not at all worried about running 6.2 miles. My strip club run was slightly longer than that, and I just ran 5.7 miles yesterday. I can do it. What does give me pause is that there will probably be hills on the course. Universal Studios is built onto a hillside, and I’m pretty sure the course will have some ups and downs. My neighborhood is completely flat, so the only inclined running I’ve done is minimal stuff on the treadmill. I’ll have to schedule some practice runs in a hillier part of town (and believe me, there are plenty).

Keep it up, David!

8 Responses to I Signed Up For My First 10K!

  1. 10k is a great distance! Congrats on committing to race.

  2. Nicky says:

    Congrats on signing up for your first 10k! It sounds like such a cool race too!

  3. Jen says:

    I think I’m going to do the 5K walk part of it! Maybe we can meet up and do a victory picture at the end.

  4. alilofthisalilofthat says:

    Yay! Running is a love/hate relationship for me. Whenever I cross a finish line I fall in love once again:0) Good Luck!!! Can’t wait to read all about it!

  5. Tri Chic says:

    WooHooo!!!! Have a great time, I’m sure you’ll do great, that race sounds like fun with all those sights and the charity is a great + 🙂

  6. auntiekim says:

    How exciting!!! You’re going to have so much fun. I worked at Warner Bros and so love the Universal backlot. This is right up my alley. Must remember this for next year!! Hope you enjoy the hell out of it 🙂

  7. auntiekim says:

    Ok, just mentioned this to my husband and we want to do this next year. Any idea if this is an annual event? Heading to google now…Post additional details if you can!

  8. Tiffany Tharp says:

    Thanks for inviting me to be apart of the fun. I look forward to training with you and sharing in the race. Keep it up, David!!

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