My Overnight Trip to Las Vegas Had Lots of Ups and Downs

March 2, 2016

I’m talkin’ about ROLLER COASTERS! The night before the big Scale the Strat race, my friend Tavi and I met Tavi’s friend Sarah for dinner, then we headed over to New York, New York to ride The Roller Coaster.


It used to be called Manhattan Express, but now it’s The Roller Coaster. It’s 203 feet high, hits 67 mph, and goes upside down twice, all while Read the rest of this entry »

CARDIO TO VEGAS Update: Bye Bye California!

September 5, 2013

Sound the Emergency Nerd Alarm: I’ve made it across the state line! Bye Bye, California… Hello, Nevada!

Before you close this window and resume looking up time-wasting videos on YouTube (this dinosaur prank is my current favorite), let me explain. I have an exciting update on my completely nerdy, super fun CARDIO TO VEGAS fitness challenge. I’m logging all the miles I complete during all my cardio workouts and adding them up, with the goal of reaching 274 miles – the distance between my home in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I’m plotting my progress on a map, and – here’s where my inner nerd really shines – researching all the places I pass along the way. I’m finding fascinating facts and stories about all of them!

Check out my CARDIO TO VEGAS Page for lots more info and all the archives!

When I last left off, Pretty Crane was hellbent on stopping her sister Fancy from marrying Luis, who was scheduled to be executed for the death of Dylan Flood, a crime he did not commit. Oh no wait – that’s what was happening on the soap opera Passions in 2007. When I left off, I had gone 210.15 miles and made it to a rest area in the middle of the Mojave Desert, dozens of miles of anywhere.

To that 210.15, I can add: Read the rest of this entry »