My Weight Loss in Butterfingers, Cinder Blocks, and MORE!

May 31, 2011

Last November, I piled up 147 pounds of dog food to represent how much weight I’d lost at that point.  It’s a kick-ass picture – take a look here.

In March, I compared my weight loss to a variety of random items, including quarters, Oreos, and lawn mowers.  Wanna know how many quarters I’ve lost?  Check it out here.

Then, in April, I compared my weight loss to another collection of random items, including bowling balls, KFC, and one of the candidates on Celebrity Apprenticewhich you can see here.

These weight loss comparison posts have become a favorite post to research and write.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, because I’ve put together another list of fun, visual, and mind-blowing weight loss comparisons!  Whenever I’m feeling frustrated about this plateau I’m on, I come back and read through these posts – finding new ways to think about what I’ve accomplished so far (164 pounds lost) is incredibly motivating!


…BUTTERFINGERS.  A full-sized Butterfinger bar weighs 2.1 ounces, which means I’ve lost 1,249 crispety, crunchety, peanut-buttery bars.  Fun Fact #1:  1,249 Butterfingers add up to a total of 337,230 calories and 13,739 grams of fat.  Mmm… healthy!  Fun Fact #2:  If you were to stack 1,249 Butterfingers end to end, they’d reach a height of 624.5 feet – that’s a few feet taller than 611 Place, this 42-story skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles!

Let’s see…  what else?

…IPADS.  The very popular iPad 2 weighs in at 1.33 pounds apiece, which means I’ve lost 123 of them.

…CINDER BLOCKS.  A 16” x 8” x 6” cinder block (available at Home Depot!) weighs 26 pounds, which means I’ve lost SIX of them!

…RIBEYES.  Thanks to my friend (and loyal reader) Penny for sending this in!  Penny recently purchased five 1-pound ribeye steaks, and took the above photo of the steak stack on her counter.  As she put the steaks away, she thought of me and this blog, and calculated that I’ve lost 32 stacks of steaks!  And props to Penny – she’s lost 5 stacks of steak in the past year, while running her cupcake bakery in Washington D.C.!  Keep it up, Penny!  If you have a great weight-loss comparison for me, send it in!

…GRILLS.  You’ll need something to cook all those ribeyes on, so how about this Weber One-Touch Silver Charcoal Kettle Grill (model #741001)?   It weighs 32 pounds, which means I’ve lost FIVE of them.

…PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES.  Venus Williams has 21 Grand Slam titles, 43 career singles titles, and 3 Olympic Gold Medals.  She also weighs, reportedly, 160 pounds.  Yep, I’ve lost Venus WilliamsHer sister Serena reportedly weighs 150 pounds, so I’ve lost her too!

…SILICONE BREAST IMPLANTS.  I don’t spend much time at all thinking about breasts, but I thought this could be fun to figure out, especially since there are six strip clubs within walking distance of my home.  So, inspired by all the ladies who take their clothes off for tips in my neighborhood, I fondled the internet and discovered that the most common size breast implant is 300cc.  A pair of 300cc implants weigh 1.4 pounds, which means I’ve lost 117 pairs of titties, or 234 individual tits.  That’s a lot of fake boobies!  And still no desire to go motorboating.

…OUTBOARD MOTORS.  Speaking of motorboating… This Nissan 2.5 Horsepower Four-Stroke Outboard Motor (Model #NSF2.5B1) has all sorts of features that mean absolutely nothing to me, like zinc-coated water passages and thermostatically controlled cooling.  It also weighs 41 pounds, and that means a lot to me, because that means I’ve lost exactly FOUR of these motors!

…Q-TIPS.  A 625-count package of Q-tips weighs 12 ounces (I weighed it myself on the produce scale at the supermarket).  That means that I’ve lost 218 of those packages, or 136,250 q-tips!

If you have ideas for other items I could compare my weight loss to, leave them in the comments section!  No need to do the research or math – leave that up to me – I’m good at it!

Keep it up, David!