Three New Items. Two Vegetarian, One Not. Two Delicious, One Not.

May 30, 2020

I can’t wait until I can get a haircut. I want one so badly.

In other news… even in a pandemic, I’m finding new-to-me products that pique my curiosity. I don’t go out of my way to explore and find new items in the supermarket, but if I happen to see something I’ve never seen before (typically in endcap displays or near items I buy regularly), chances are I’ll buy it and bring it home. Wanna read about my latest new-to-me purchases? Read the rest of this entry »

What’s In The RediSetGo? Part Twelve

March 4, 2011

Guess what time it is?  Don’t bother looking at your watch, because the answer isn’t there.  The answer is right here:  It’s time to play What’s In The RediSetGo!

If you’re a first-timer, don’t blush, because it’s really easy.  You’ll figure out the rules as you go.  If you wanna play more, then head up to My Favorite Posts at the top of the page, because Parts 1 – 11 are there, waiting to be played!

So strap on your parachute, and your back-up parachute, and your helmut, and climb into the plane, because we’re ready to jump…

Are you ready?



I know, I know, I’ve done a veggie burger in the RediSetGo before, but that was a MorningStar Garden Veggie Patty, and this was a Dr. Praeger’s Tex Mex Veggie Burger:

Plus, last time, I didn’t have the bell pepper or mushrooms in there, so it’s definitely not a rerun, thank you very much!

I only discovered Dr. Praeger’s products when I started shopping at Whole Foods, and this is the first box I bought.  I ate one of the four in the package weeks ago (I nuked it in the microwave and didn’t blog about it), and tonight I age the second one.  I like the back of the box, which says that each one is only 110 calories, 5 grams of fat, and 250mg of sodium.  And do you see their slogan at the top of the box, “Where you recognize all the ingredients”?  It’s true.  There’s nothin’ in these besides veggies, beans, oat bran, oil, and various seasonings.  I’ll tell you how it tasted, but before I get to that, hold on to your hats, because something very special is about to happen…


My dinner tonight had two major components, that were both prepared in the RediSetGo.  So.. it’s time to play again!



I had a sweet potato that was begging to be eaten (I can’t even remember how long ago I bought it), so I peeled it, cut it into thick steak fries, and lined them up in the RediSetGo.  Then I added a teaspoon or so of fresh rosemary, and drizzled about a teaspoon of honey over them.

All you observant (and long-time) readers will note that when sweet potatoes appeared in What’s In The RediSetGo back in October, they were without honey and rosemary, and with Mrs. Dash.  Yep, I’m careful not to repeat myself exactly!

When you put the two halves of the meal together, you have my dinner:

I wish I had some sort of bread or bun, so I could have made an actual burger, but I’m out.  It’s on the shopping list.  I thought of wrapping the patty in a lettuce leaf, like they do at In-N-Out Burger when you order it Protein-Style, but the lettuce I have right now is a mix of baby greens, so that wouldn’t work.  Instead, I added a handful of lettuce to the plate as a tasty little garnish.

The burger was tasty.  I loved that it was chunky – I could see whole soybeans and black beans, and nice chunks of the other vegetables.  It didn’t hold up well in the RediSetGo, which is too bad, and if I had used a smaller spatula to flip it and lift it out at the end, I’m pretty certain it have fallen apart altogether.  But a burger that falls apart is not the end of the world.  The veggies, were the RediSetGo basically sauteed, were a little bland, but that’s my fault because I didn’t season them at all.  As for the sweet potatoes, they were great – the honey made them a touch soggy (maybe next time I’ll just dip them in a little honey when I eat them), but I loved the sweetness of the honey and the woodiness of the rosemary.  They were great.

Since I’m talkin’ about eating, I thought I’d throw in everything else I’ve eaten today.  Breakfast was two pouches of instant oatmeal, an apple, and some strawberries.  Lunch was this enormous salad:

The components:

  • Some aforementioned mixed baby greens
  • Cucumber
  • Zucchini
  • Mushrooms
  • Garbanzo Beans (gotta add some protein!)
  • About 8-10 tiny fresh sage leaves
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Vegetarian Bacon Bits
  • A few tablespoons lite asiago parmesan dressing

A mid-afternoon snack was a bunch more strawberries.  And my dessert after dinner was a nonfat peach yogurt (my last one, so that’s something else to add to the list).

Keep it up, David!