HAPPY NEW YEAR! And… Christmas in Michigan, Part Two: Exercising Like a Lunatic

January 1, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The new year excites me, because it means my anniversary is in a few weeks. I’ll soon be starting my SEVENTH year on my weight loss journey, and I’m still going strong. I’m so proud that I’ve lost 160 pounds and kept it off for two-thirds of a decade!


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Oops, I Did It Again

February 23, 2015

Well, replace “did it” with “took Britney Spears’ favorite workout class” and “again” with “for the first time.”


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Working Out Hard and Breaking Records

August 27, 2014

I’ve been dogsitting for the past few days. It’s been fun hanging out with my canine friends. There’s Scooter…


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Success On the StairMaster

November 5, 2013

Yesterday’s post, about my stumble and fall off the wagon, was pretty depressing, but one of the best ways to get back on track is to focus on the positive. And I realized recently that I’ve been kicking ass and taking names in regards to one little component of my workouts, and now I’m really motivated to keep going!

Even though I’m currently training for two upcoming stair climb races, my exercise is pretty varied. That’s how I like it! In addition to stair climb workouts, like this one, I take exercise classes, lift weights, and do other types of cardio. I’ll often start my workouts with a 10-minute warm-up on the StairMaster. And what I can complete in 10 minutes has improved dramatically!


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Prepping for the 10K

November 8, 2011

My first 10k race is only 6 days away! I’m feeling good about everything. I’m at 65% of my fundraising goal (can you me get a little closer? Every dollar helps – you can donate here). I know I’ll have a good time during the race – I’m running in a group with four of my friends, so that will be a blast. I’m confident that I’ll be able to complete it, too. The one question mark I have involves my ability to run up hills, because it’s likely the course will have some hills (I’m going to see the course on Wednesday, which will be helpful). I’ve wanted to go running on hills to prepare, and today I finally did. Sort of.

I wanted to go running this past weekend, and the plan was to head about fifteen minutes away, to a hillside neighborhood where I used to live, and go running there. Mother Nature had other plans, though, and it rained all weekend. It was cold, too! I’m not complaining – I love rain, and I love when Los Angeles has actual weather, and let’s face it: cold and rainy in Los Angeles is no big deal compared to what cold and rainy means in other parts of the country. In Los Angeles, it means temperatures in the ’50s and intermittent sprinkles. But I’ve been spoiled by nine years of beautiful southern California weather, so I skipped the running (on Saturday, I lifted weights at the gym, and Sunday was a rest day).

Today, I headed back to the gym, where I started off with 5 minutes on the treadmill, to warm up and loosen up. Then, I hit the weights for 30 minutes, working muscles all over my body. After that, I returned to the treadmill and started running. After a few minutes of settling into my pace (5.5 mph), I started upping the incline. I did two minutes each at 5 degrees and 6 degrees, and then three minutes each at 7, 8, 9, and 10 degrees. Holy crap, I felt ready to collapse! It started getting really tough at 8 degrees, and after a minute of it, I seriously contemplated ending early. But I kept pushing myself… for one more minute… until this song ends on my iPod… only a little while longer… and after three minutes at 10 degrees, I was done. Whew! I adjusted the incline so the treadmill was flat, and slowed down for a good cool-down. In total, I spent 23 minutes on the treadmill, and 16 of those minutes were running uphill. And I survived. I feel much better about my hill-running abilities!

Later in the day, I bought a new pair of shoes for the race. Check ’em out!

The model is Nike LunarGlide 3, in Grey Wolf and Max Orange, and I love ’em. I bought them at my local Foot Locker, where the sales associate, Stephanie, was super helpful and knowledgeable. (I gave Stephanie a business card when I left, so if you’re reading this, Stephanie, hello!)  I have six days to break them in, and I’m not worried. I’m going to take Richard Simmons’ class in Beverly Hills tomorrow, and that will be a great start. I’ve broken in shoes during that class before!

Oh, and these shoes I purchased are a Size 13 – click here to read about my incredible shrinking feet!

Speaking of purchases, I mentioned the other day that I bought a new faucet at Home Depot, because my faucet was leaking. My new faucet will make filling my big water bottles easy, and it was installed this morning.  Goodbye, old leaky plastic faucet:

And hello, new water-tight stainless steel faucet!

It was when I bought this faucet that I also purchased a bag of oranges, which I’ve been using as practice to improve my orange peeling technique. Today, after my workout, I peeled another orange. I did really well at removing all the pith, and I was able to keep the peel as one long continuous piece up until the very end, when it broke as I was finishing up. Pretty good, but not good enough!

I’m gonna keep trying.

Keep it up, David!