67 Miles of Biking in St Joseph, Michigan

July 8, 2018

Say hello to my dragon buddy!

I met him while vacationing in St. Joseph, Michigan. We watched July 4th fireworks from the bluff, spent lots of time at the beach, and had lots of quality family time. I also biked a lot. Over seven hours, split between six different workouts! Read the rest of this entry »

48 Rainy Hours in Colorado. Hail, Too!

May 18, 2018

If you wanted to see some hail in May, you should’ve been in Colorado last weekend. Last Saturday evening, during a brief but violent storm, it hailed pebbles of ice.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for nearly 16 years, where Read the rest of this entry »

Sweden, Part One: A Week in the Countryside

June 18, 2015

A friend reached out, asking if everything was OK, since it had been 10 days since I’ve put up a blog post. I told him I’m great, which is true, and I hadn’t been able to post because I’ve been… in Sweden!


I’m lucky, because one of my Read the rest of this entry »

Colorado Nibbles and Bits… PLUS, “American Ninja Warrior” News!

May 28, 2014

There’s more to share from my long weekend in Colorado, but first… I was on TV the other night!  A few months ago, I went with a group of friends to an all-night taping of “American Ninja Warrior” in Venice Beach. We were cheering on our friend Tommy, who was competing on the show, and the episode aired Monday on NBC. Unfortunately, Tommy wasn’t featured during the broadcast, but if you look closely (don’t blink or look away!) or have your finger on the Pause button, you can see me in the stands!

ANW Read the rest of this entry »

God Afton From Sweden!

June 6, 2013

Swedish lesson for the day: “God Afton” is Swedish for “Good Evening.”

And Sweden is where I am RIGHT NOW! (Congrats to Donna for guessing correctly!) It’s late Thursday evening as I write this, and I arrived Tuesday at noon, after a day and a half of traveling (including the adjustment for time zones). I already have a ton of pictures of share, but before I get to those, a reminder/welcome!

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Ready for Sweden pictures?

This is my home for a little over a week:


I’m here visiting one of my best friends, Katherine, her hubby Peter, and their two sons, Stellan and Kai. I’ve known Katherine since college, and she moved to Sweden 4 years ago when she married Peter, a Swede. They used to live in Stockholm, but a year ago they moved about 45 minutes out into the country. They have a few acres, and it’s beautiful. This is the view I’ve been waking up to: Read the rest of this entry »