ABBA Overload and Sculptures Galore (Sweden: Part Two)

September 25, 2017

Time for Part Two of my Sweden Two-Parter! My first Sweden post focused on food. This one is about everything else, including exercise. And ABBA!

On my first full day in Sweden, Katherine and I headed into Stockholm to check out the ABBA Museum. It’s technically called Read the rest of this entry »

Sweden, Part Three: An Exercise Adventure!

June 22, 2015

Months ago, while talking to Katherine about my upcoming visit, I casually mentioned how cool it would be to climb the stairs at Kaknästornet, the tallest structure in Stockholm. I could be an international stair climber! Kaknästornet is a TV satellite tower that stands 509 feet tall, with a restaurant and bar at the top, and Katherine wanted to climb the stairs, too!


It’s hard to compare height with nothing nearby, and there is literally nothing nearby. Kaknästornet was built in a forest a few kilometers from the center of town.

Even though it’s open to the public, the stairs are not, and I mentioned it to Katherine as a joke, knowing full well access would be impossible. To my surprise, Katherine and her husband Peter actually know a guy that knows guys at Kaknästornet, and they offered to make a call! Perhaps this wouldn’t be impossible after all!
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Sweden, Part One: A Week in the Countryside

June 18, 2015

A friend reached out, asking if everything was OK, since it had been 10 days since I’ve put up a blog post. I told him I’m great, which is true, and I hadn’t been able to post because I’ve been… in Sweden!


I’m lucky, because one of my Read the rest of this entry »

Things I Love About Sweden, Part Two

June 11, 2013

Quick catch-up: I’m in Sweden, visiting friends. I’m blogging about things I love over here. For Items #1-5 on this list, check out this post!

6) Katherine’s Garden. Katherine is one ambitious mofo. She moved out to the country last summer and this summer, she dove right into starting a vegetable garden. And I’m not talking about a single planter on her porch. She’s been building a garden that’s bigger than my entire condo. Here’s Katherine in the midst of her handiwork:


I couldn’t even fit it all in one shot! It’s still very early in the short Sweden growing season, but Katherine has planted Read the rest of this entry »

Things I Love About Sweden, Part One

June 10, 2013

I’m nearing the conclusion of my time in Sweden. Here are some more awesome things about this part of the world.

1) Fresh Eggs. As I mentioned in a previous post, my friends Katherine and Peter have a bunch of chickens, and those chickens lay eggs. So Katherine and Peter have super-fresh, organic eggs and they’re delicious.


Katherine made us scrambled eggs one morning, and they were probably the best eggs I’ve had in a looong time. I usually very rarely eat egg yolks, but I didn’t hesitate to make an exception:


That’s about 2 eggs worth, and the dollop at the top is a Swedish product called Kalles Kaviar, a caviar paste that’s very popular. A little bit goes a long way – it’s very salty – but it’s good. The third item on the plate brings me to item #2: Read the rest of this entry »

God Afton From Sweden!

June 6, 2013

Swedish lesson for the day: “God Afton” is Swedish for “Good Evening.”

And Sweden is where I am RIGHT NOW! (Congrats to Donna for guessing correctly!) It’s late Thursday evening as I write this, and I arrived Tuesday at noon, after a day and a half of traveling (including the adjustment for time zones). I already have a ton of pictures of share, but before I get to those, a reminder/welcome!

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Ready for Sweden pictures?

This is my home for a little over a week:


I’m here visiting one of my best friends, Katherine, her hubby Peter, and their two sons, Stellan and Kai. I’ve known Katherine since college, and she moved to Sweden 4 years ago when she married Peter, a Swede. They used to live in Stockholm, but a year ago they moved about 45 minutes out into the country. They have a few acres, and it’s beautiful. This is the view I’ve been waking up to: Read the rest of this entry »