Goodbye, Clothes

January 28, 2011

The other day, I posted a great photo of me wearing my old winter jacket (Didn’t see it? click here).  In that post, I mentioned that I was cleaning out my closet – some early spring cleaning, if you will.  Today, I tackled my dressers.  I have a lot of clothes that I can no longer wear, because they’re too big, and I’m tired of lookin’ at them, I’m tired of them taking up space, I’m tired of mixing up the clothes that fit with that clothes that don’t…  I’m tired of all of it.  So I’m cleaning it all out, loading up the trunk, and donating them.

Wanna see all the clothes that are headed to the thrift shop?

I took an inventory, and here’s just some of the things included in that pile:

  • 1 winter jacket (in the foreground)
  • 12 short-sleeve t-shirts
  • 3 long sleeve t-shirts
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 7 pairs of casual pants
  • 2 pairs of dressy pants
  • 8 button-down shirts (of varying levels of dressiness)
  • 11 polos/collared pullovers
  • 3 sweaters

Here it is, bagged and ready for the trunk of my car:

Here’s the really cool thing:  Most of these clothes were actually purchased in the middle of last year – they were the first “skinny” clothes that I bought after dropping 70 or 80 pounds!  That means I’m onto, basically, my third wardrobe.  Wowsa!

It’s also the second major charity donation I’ve made since beginning this journey – in Mid-August, after I began purchasing the first round of smaller clothes, I cleaned house and got rid of about 75% of my wardrobe.  Here’s what that pile of clothes looked like:

Halfway through, I took a break to make some lunch.  It’s been a while since I’ve featured one of my salads on the blog, but since I got so much good salad stuff at Whole Foods yesterday, I thought I’d share today’s salad with all with you.  Here was my lunch:

In the mix:  mixed greens, green pepper, cucumber, radish, butter beans, beets, capers, 2 teaspoons soy bacon bits, and 2-3 teaspoons light Parmesan Asiago dressing.  It was a big salad – the photo doesn’t do justice to how deep that bowl is.  I also had an apple.

Breakfast was the same juice mix I’ve been making for the past few days, about 1 cup of cottage cheese, and 2 pieces wheat toast.

Keep it up, David!