Chart Update and Old/New Injuries

August 17, 2011

Three health-related topics today.  For more on my health, check out the fantastic results of the blood tests I had last week!

1) Chart Update.  It’s Wednesday.  Which of course means that yesterday was Tuesday.  Which is my weekly weigh-in day.  Here’s the outcome when I stepped on the scale:

I stayed the same.  And I’m fine with that.  I can’t complain: prior to this week, I had three straight weeks of losses in a row, so I’m sure my body is just catching up.  I ate well, worked out 6 of the 7 days (the most notable workout being my Sunday kayak adventure), and felt good all week.

My current weight of 235 pounds represents a weight loss of 167 pounds.  I’m fifteen pounds away from my next goal, which is to hit 220 pounds.

Another shot of the weight chart:

2) Old Injury.  In June 2010, three months before I started this blog, my sister Sarah and nephew Sam came to town for a long weekend.  At the time, I had lost 80 pounds, and had never told Sarah ever that I was losing weight.  That created a fun surprise when I picked them up at the airport, because when Sarah saw me for the first time, her jaw hit the sidewalk and she said, “Hellllllo, Skinny!”  Here’s the three of us from that weekend – we’re on the ferris wheel at Santa Monica Pier:

We spent one day at Legoland, the Lego theme park outside of San Diego.  It was really fun – Sam loves Legos, and the park is built for kids his age, and we spent the whole day riding rides and walking around.  It was a lot of walking for Sam, so for a little while, he sat on my shoulders and I carried him around that way.  I didn’t think anything of it – I’ve been carrying Sam on my shoulders for a couple years now, and, during that time, Sam has grown.  Considerably.  As all little kids do.

I ended up injuring my rotator cuff when I was lifting Sam off my shoulders to put him back on the ground.  By the end of the day my whole shoulder was throbbing and I could barely lift my arm.  The next two days were agonizing, but then the pain subsided, and things returned to normal.  Except for that every 3 to 4 weeks, like clockwork, my rotator cuff would flare up, and I’d have shooting pains in my shoulder and upper arm that would keep me up at night and make basic activities, like driving, more difficult.

Everyone I talked to about it, including my doctor, my father (who’s a doctor), and my brother (also a doctor, in the middle of his residency), said pretty much the same thing:  There’s not much you can do.  You have to rest it when it’s painful, and try to strengthen it when there’s no pain.  I got tips from two trainers about great stretches and exercises I could do when it wasn’t flaring up, and I did them.

The flare-ups continued for a good, solid 8 months.  But lastweekend, as I was doing various shoulder exercises at the gym, it occurred to me to that I couldn’t remember the last time my shoulder flared up.  I vaguely remember telling Craig, my trainer, about a flare-up at one of the very first boot camp classes I took, so that would have been February, about 6 months ago.

I don’t think my shoulder has acted up since February.  That’s HUGE.  My rotator cuff must be healed!

I’m not completely injury-free, though, and that leads us to…

3) New Injury.  About a week ago, I learned a new exercise from Craig.  He calls them Up Up Down Downs, and basically, you transition back and forth from a plank position to a push-up position (this website explains it better, and has a video showing what I’m talking about).  Monday, at the gym, I challenged myself to do 40 of them (4 sets of 10, which I alternated with a couple other exercises).  But I made a big mistake:  I did them on the gym floor, without using a mat, which would have provided some cushion.  And I scraped up my elbows in the process:

I didn’t realize what I had done until after the fact.  I was doing bench presses when I started realizing that my elbows were stinging.  And then I noticed how completely raw my elbows were, and how the top layer of skin was missing.  Gone.

Lesson learned.  USE A MAT!

I’m writing this post a few hours after getting home from another boot camp class, and it was tough.  Craig set up nine stations that we rotated through, doing everything from walking lunges to burpees to jumping rope, and, as is the usual after boot camp, I was exhausted, sweaty, and sore.  My blogger friend Kelly requested a post-workout picture, so here it is – I’m too tired to even smile:

Tomorrow, it’s back to the gym.  I don’t know yet what I’m going to do there – I’ll figure it out tomorrow after I wake up and see which parts of my body are the most sore.  Then I’ll work out different body parts!

Keep it up, David!