A Workout Milestone on Day Two

June 25, 2014

A little while ago I completed my second workout since being sidelined with a hip injury, and it ended up resulting in a momentous workout milestone. Very exciting!

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Coming Soon to “Home & Family”… Yours Truly!

December 20, 2013

I’m ending the year in a big exciting way… I’m gonna be on a talk show!

The show is called “Home & Family” and it airs on the Hallmark Channel. It’s a daily 2-hour lifestyle show, with segments about food, crafts, health, fashion, do-it-yourself projects, and stuff like that. I’ll be interviewed by hosts Mark Steines and Christina Ferrare about my weight loss journey, and how Richard Simmons helped me lose the pounds.

Set your DVRs! It airs on Tuesday, December 31st at 10am (9 central) on Hallmark Channel!  It will be available online, too – you can watch full episodes on the show’s website for a week or two after it airs on TV. For more information about the show, visit the show’s website.

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Bad News and Good News and One Brief Shitty Moment at the Gym.

December 17, 2013

This post will be a combination of many things. There’s good news. Yay! There’s bad newsBoo! There’s more bad news. Double Boo! And there’s a lot to catch up on. Let’s not waste any time!

First and foremost, I’m back to exercising…. for now. (Cue foreboding music. That ‘for now’ will be explained later.) Read the rest of this entry »

…Because Second Tallest Is No Longer Good Enough!

July 30, 2013

I’m writing this post from an entirely new-to-me location – the Los Angeles Central Library! I jumped on the Metro this morning and headed downtown for a change of scenery, and ended up here, in a building that dates back almost 90 years.


I could hang out all afternoon in the rotunda (except there’s no seating in there):


To get to the library, I walked past a building that’s very familiar to me. Do you recognize it? Read the rest of this entry »

January 2012 Progress Report

February 7, 2012

Shall we start with a little update? Yes, let’s do that! I felt much better on Monday than I did over the weekend. I ate much better, and had a good workout. I actually had a great workout. One of the things that I didn’t mention in my last post was that, in addition to taking to my bed and not exercising, I also didn’t bother showering. At all. Yep, I’ll admit it. So when it came time to get my Monday workout rolling, I opted not to go to the gym. I felt a little too disgusting to be seen in public, and I didn’t feel like taking a shower just to go work out and shower again immediately after.

It’s days like this that I’m thankful for the little tiny gym in my building. It’s not very impressive… there’s an elliptical, a treadmill, a recumbent bike, some free weights, and a bowflex-type dealie, all in a room that can barely contain it all. I only use the gym occasionally, but a vast majority of the time I’m the only one in there. The ceiling is low, so when I’m on the treadmill and especially the elliptical, I feel like I’m inches away from a major traumatic head injury. The bike, though, is perfect – and it’s my favorite bike, because it has games that you power by pedaling! There’s a game called Fat Blocker, which is basically a rip-off of Tetris with enough small changes to avoid copyright infringement. I played Fat Blocker during my entire workout – 66 minutes on that bike – and, in the process, set a new high score! I beat my own record – in fact, I’m the only one on the leaderboard, so I beat all my previous records. I burned more than 450 calories and became a puzzle game champion – that’s a productive 66 minutes!

It’s now February 7th, and I realize that I completely forgot about one of my favorite posts: my Monthly Progress Report! This marks Year 2 of these reports (see my 2011 Year-End Progress Report here). Here’s my month of January:

January was a long month! When it began, I was still in the Caribbean, working out every day on a cruise ship. January also marked my first trip to Disneyland, my first trip in a decade to a nightclub, and the biggest addition ever to my Skyscraper Collection. That last link is also where you can read about the big gym decision that I made, although that story isn’t quite over yet – more news on that in an upcoming post!

Each dot marks a workout. January has 31 days. Count up those dots, and I worked out 26 of the 31 days – an 83% success rate. That’s down slightly from my January 2011 total (27/31 days = 87%), but this year, I took 7 of Richard’s classes at Slimmons, and that’s more in one month than during any month in 2011. I also took a class at my new gym, and completed 12 workouts with an emphasis on weightlifting. A very successful month! Let’s compare it with the past few months:

  • August 2011:  Worked out 25 out of 31 days (80%), including 5 classes at Slimmons, 3 Boot Camp Classes and 4 training sessions. 15 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • September 2011:  Worked out 24 out of 30 days (80%), including 4 classes at Slimmons.  11 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • October 2011:  Worked out 23 out of 31 days (74%), including 3 classes at Slimmons. 11 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • November 2011: Worked out 23 out of 30 days (76%), including 6 classes at Slimmons. 9 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • December 2011: Worked out 23 out of 31 days (74%), including 5 classes at Slimmons. 15 workouts had a weightlifting focus.
  • January 2012: Worked out 26 out of 31 days (83%), including 7 classes at Slimmons, and 1 class at Crunch. 12 workouts had a weightlifting focus.

January 2012 had my highest percentage in 6 months!

Keep it up, David!

More Vegas Fun

August 2, 2011

Hopefully you didn’t miss yesterday’s post – a full run-down of my audition to be a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire!  (If you did miss it, you can read it here).  The audition was the reason I hit the road and headed to Las Vegas, Nevada.  I’ve also already shared my plan for healthy eating in Vegas, but there’s a few more things about my stay in Vegas that I wanna share.  Are you in?

1) Bodies.  The night before the audition, I headed over to the Luxor to check out Bodies: The Exhibition.  Have any of you seen this?  It’s been around since 2005, touring museums, but I’ve never had the chance to see it.  It’s a exhibit about the wonders of the human body, featuring (and this is a quote from their press release):

“…more than 260 full body, organ and partial body specimens. These real human bodies have been meticulously dissected, preserved through an innovative process and respectfully presented, giving visitors the opportunity to view the beauty and complexity of their own organs and systems.”

The fact that the exhibit uses real-life human corpses has been a source of controversy since before Day 1, and even inspired a storyline on Boston Legal.

Basically, the exhibit is a series of rooms, with each one focusing on a different system in the human body – skeleton, respiratory, muscular, nervous, circulatory, and so on, but instead of drawings or models of organs, they display real life preserved bodies and body parts.  The whole thing is utterly fascinating, and I found it also more than a little bit unsettling, even though I don’t have moral objections to displaying human cadavers.  Each room had a centerpiece, which was one of the fully-preserved cadavers, with layers peeled and cut away to show different muscle groups, organs, bones, or whatever.  Here’s an image of one of them from the exhibit’s website (where you can learn a lot more):

Yep. It’s a real body.

I found myself most interested in the systems that I’ve been focusing on myself in the past year and a half – specifically, muscles and the digestive tract.  It was really interesting to see the actual muscles, like biceps, quads, and traps, that I’ve been working so hard to develop lately, and one of my favorite displays was a full digestive tract, from tongue to anus, showing every foot of intestine that every bite of food travels through.  It’s a long journey – 30 feet!

I’m curious if any of my readers have seen Bodies at the Luxor or elsewhere…  if so, what did you think?

2) Gambling.  It’s the first question that asked after learning about a Vegas trip:  How did you make out?  I stuck with slot machines this trip (my favorite slot machine, called Benny Big Game, in particular), and at the end of Day 1, I was up 22 cents (yep, I’m a high roller), and at the end of Day 2, I was down $40 (which I had previously decided would be my gambling budget).  At one point I was up $35, but I thought I was on a roll and didn’t cash out.  Oops.

3) Exercise.  I stayed at Gold Coast, the hotel/casino where the auditions were being held.  They had a fitness center out back, by the pool, and I took advantage of it both mornings I was in town.  And, excluding the final 10 minutes on the second day, I had the entire place to my whole the whole time!  It wasn’t a fancy gym, but it did the trick:

On Day 1, I grabbed two 10-pound weights and did a variety of different upper body exercises: bicep curls, military presses, and a bunch of different things targeting my shoulders, back, and chest.  I also did 60 push-ups, 40 tricep dips, and a shit-ton of walking lunges.  After 40 minutes of all that, I jumped on a crossramp elliptical and went for 20 minutes.  On crossramp ellipticals, you can adjust the incline (like you can on a treadmill), so you can work different muscle groups and add more variety to your workout.  None of the ellipticals at my gym at home are crossramps, so I was excited to use one here, and during the 20 minutes, I worked my way to to level 20 for both resistance and inclination – the highest the machine allows!

On Day 2, I grabbed the 10-pound weights again, but this time, got on the recumbent bike, and started pedaling away while doing intervals of various shoulder and arm exercises, about 7 different ones in total.  After 35 minutes on the bike, I did 10 minutes on the crossramp, and called it a day.  Between the bike and the crossramp, I burned 450 calories – and that doesn’t include the calories burned by the weight-lifting!

Keep it up, David!