“I’m Huffing and Puffing and Sweating… How Long Will This Last?”

August 16, 2018

Today I’m answering a reader question, and it’s about a tried-and-true piece of fitness equipment: the stepmill! Let’s see what’s on Lily’s mind.

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Reader Question: Help! I’m Self-Conscious at the Gym

April 17, 2017

I hope everyone had a better holiday weekend that I did. I’ve been fighting a nasty cold, and I hope, by the time you read this, the worst will be behind me. I’ve thought that once already, on Friday, when I was feeling pretty good. But then I woke up on Saturday a sneezy, snotty mess. Now, as I type this, I’m feeling like I did on Friday… and keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t regress again.

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READER MAILBAG! How I Weened Myself Off Soda

August 29, 2016

I got a question from a new reader named Allison, who learned about me from the Half Size Me podcast. Let’s see what Allison wants to know!

Did you have any food addictions that you had to get past on your journey?  Caffeinated drinks are my kryptonite. They include Starbucks peppermint white mocha, Dr Pepper, and caffeinated Crystal Light. How did you reduce your caffeine intake?

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My Near-Death Fruit Experience. PLUS, Advice For a Reader

August 27, 2012

I had a very scary near-death experience this week. It’s the second possibly-life-ending episode I’ve had since starting this blog (my near-death experience while running is chronicled here), and this one changed my outlook on life and made me re-evaluate everything.

Am I being overdramatic? Keep reading, and judge for yourself.  SPOILER ALERT: Yes, I am.

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