Healthy Food and Unhealthy Food

May 13, 2011

Let’s start with the unhealthy food.  My friend Huck, knowing my tendency to blog about Oreos (in posts like this one, ooh, and this one!) alerted me to this news story that has been popping up all over the interwebs this week.  Have you heard about the newest Oreo that Nabisco is releasing in stores this summer?

It’s called the Triple Double Oreo:

That’s a cookie, a layer of chocolate cream, another cookie, a layer of regular cream, and another cookie.  My mouth is watering just looking at it.  But I will need to stay away, though… if I get my hands on a bag of these calorie- and fat-bombs, than I will eat the entire thing.  I’ve done it before.

My question is this:  Why stop there, Nabisco?  Maybe they have bigger plans ready in case this particular product flies off the shelves (and why wouldn’t it?).  I’d like to see a DoubleStuf Triple Double Oreo – which would be the cookie above with twice as much of each layer of cream.  Then they could have a Quadruple Triple Golden Oreo, which would be cookie, cream, cookie, cream, cookie, cream, cookie, with all the cookies the vanilla flavor.  Or, why not the Fudge-Covered Peanut Butter DoubleStuf Heads or Tails Quadruple Triple Oreo, which would be chocolate cookie, peanut butter cream (x2), golden cookie, peanut butter cream (x2), chocolate cookie, peanut butter cream (x2), golden cookie – and the whole thing dipped in fudge.  Then, someone at the Texas State Fair, which is renowned for its deep-fried-food innovations, can toss the whole thing in the FryDaddy, and make a Deep-Fried Fudge-Covered Peanut Butter DoubleStuf Heads or Tails Quadruple Triple Oreo.

My god, I think I head a heart attack just thinking about it.

Let’s move on to a (much) healthier food item.  Remember the yellow champagne mangoes I recently bought?

Well, the other day, I ate ’em.  And they were delicious.  They tasted like regular mangoes, which I just learned were called Tommy Atkins mangoes, but they’re a little bit smaller, have yellow skins, and smaller, seemingly flatter pits.

Mangoes aren’t the easiest fruit to cut up, but this is how I did it.  First, I cut off the two sides of the mango, along either side of the big flat pit:

This represents, actually, a majority of the edible flesh of the mango.  There’s some remaining, clinging to the pit, which I just sucked on.  Mmmm!   For these two pieces, I then scored them:

And then, because these were very ripe (possibly a couple days overripe, even), I was able to slide a spoon along the edge, separating the flesh from the skin, and scoop out the mango pieces, like you would the flesh of an avocado.  And voila!  Mango pieces ready for my lunch bag:

Mango is so freakin’ good.  If you don’t like mango, than there’s something wrong with you.  There – I said it.

Oh, and if you ever run into my friend Huck (who showed me that bit of Oreo news), ask him what a “ho-fro” is.

Keep it up, David!