Large Hot With Ranch

September 29, 2010

Last night I joined two friends, David and Glory, on one of the final nights of their current project:  To dine at a different hot wings restaurant in Los Angeles every day for the month of September, and blog about it.  They call it Wingtember, and you can read their blog here.

The restaurant on the Wingtember calendar for last night was just down the road from my place, which made the decision to join them an easy one.  The restaurant, Nick’s Hot Wings & Grill House, is right next to a KFC and across the street from Sears, and I had never been there before.  The Yelp reviews were not encouraging (including one review, that I can only hope is untrue, that accuses the owner of hating Jews), but after reading blogs about 27 other hot wings restaurants, I knew I had to be a part of Wingtember before exciting Wingtember turned into regular, boring October.

I won’t try to one-up David and Glory’s review of Nick’s Hot Wings & Grill House, which you can read here, but I will, in the tradition of their blog, share my before and after pictures of my meal.  My order of wings:

And the bone tower that remained, post-consumption:

I also have two  – no, wait, three – additional comments to share:

  • I almost died at Nick’s Hot Wings & Grill House.  I arrived just after Glory and David, and they were already at the counter, engrossed in the menu and the ordering process.  Since they were consumed, I thought I could startle them, so I took two quiet steps closer, and then then took one big jump, to within inches of them.  What I didn’t account for was the fact that I was jumping from tile onto an area rug, which clearly wasn’t taped down or secured to the floor.  At all.  Of course, the rug slid out from under me and I almost fell backward and almost bashed my head into this strange curio cabinet that had nothing in it at all except a small wooden owl, and that almost led to my death.  I did startle Glory and David though, although I’m not sure if it was because they didn’t see me coming, or because they almost witnessed an unfortunate death that surely would be featured on the Spike TV Show “1000 Ways To Die.”  (Sidebar: An area-rug-related injury also occurred on last week’s episode of “The Apprentice,” and if these two unrelated events aren’t a sign that area-rug-related injuries are on the rise and becoming a bedbug-like-epidemic, I don’t know what is.)
  • I had never had hot wings before last night!  I had had chicken wings before, as part of a bucket-of-fried-chicken-type-situation, but never an actual hot wing that was served with actual hot wing sauce and served with veggies and ranch on the side.  And they were pretty good!  David and Glory had plenty of thoughts on the matter, being the hot wing experts that they are, but as an introduction to the hot wing world, I thought Nick’s were pretty enjoyable.  At one point I asked David and Glory if they knew what the fat and calorie breakdown was for an order of hot wings, and they didn’t really have an answer, and weren’t really looking for one.  And I like that answer.  I don’t plan on making hot wings a regular part of my diet, and while they are deep-fried, these weren’t battered, and there’s, like 2 tablespoons of meat per wing anyway, so I’m just gonna let it slide.  I ate well leading up to the hot wings, and I’m eating well today.  It’ll all come out in the wash.
  • I got to see another friend, Huck, very briefly last night, and in case anyone is wondering, Yes, he still wears his lucky shorts when he plays softball, and Yes, they still fit.  Lookin’ good, Huck!

As I mentioned above, I’ve been eating well today to compensate for the hot wings yesterday.  What that means:  Breakfast was an apple and 2 plouts.  Lunch was a big ol’ salad with greens, cucumbers, mini bell peppers (from the 99 Cent Store! They were a little on the bitter side, but I wouldn’t say they were bad), capers, soy bacon bits, 1/2 cup of great northern beans, and some nonfat Italian dressing.  Dinner was a veggie burger (no bun), raw broccoli florets, a tupperware full of grapes, and 5 dried figs.

Keep it up, David!