Mystery Food

June 25, 2011

I took a couple more pictures in my wonderfully-lit office on my last day there before heading home.  They are of a food item (I think), and I’m not exactly sure what it is.  It just showed up at the office (all sorts of fun, strange things show up at that office).

Maybe you can help.

If you’re good with Asian languages, then you can definitely help!

Here it is:

OK.  I think it’s squid.  Mainly, because it’s squid-shaped, and the cartoon mascot is most definitely a squid.  It feels rubbery through the packaging, which squid is, but maybe it’s some sort of gummi candy?  If it is squid, it is dehydrated?  Flavored?  Cooked somehow?  Would I just cut it up and eat it straight from the package?  Or do I need to cook or prepare it?

I’m an adventurous eater, and I will open it and try it (and share my findings with you) – but I’m just curious as to what it is that I’d be eating.

Can anyone help?

Here’s the label on the back:

The table on the left looks like nutritional information, and I don’t know about anything else.  Oh, and the website address that’s written in English is for a website that doesn’t exist.  Although, seeing as how the URL ends in .kr, my guess is that product is Korean.

SO – I ask you, my worldly, intelligent, food-loving friends and readers…

what the hell is it?  And would you eat it?

Keep it up, David!