May Weigh-In Results and Workout Progress Report

May 3, 2018

Before I begin my monthly deep dive into stats and charts and other general nerdery, I wanted to quickly share a couple more things that I’m celebrating. As you’ll recall from my post earlier this week, focusing on my successes is a great way to quiet the negative emotions that have surfaced since I began my little exercise break.

So here’s something awesome: Read the rest of this entry »


I Love My New Stair Race Map AND My New Lego Skyscraper!

March 20, 2017

I realized the other day that I’ve now done a stair race in 17 different cities. SEVENTEEN! I think that warrants a new stair race map, don’t you think? Check it out!

(You can click on it to see it bigger.)

This is the version 2.0 of this map, which is hand-drawn. (Full confession: Read the rest of this entry »

It’s the Off-Season… and I Couldn’t Be Happier

July 16, 2015

If you’re looking for fresh, compelling, thrilling content about the edge-of-your-seat world of competitive stair racing… go somewhere else. There aren’t any stair races in the summer months. They’ll pick up again in the fall. It’s currently the off-season. And I’m ecstatic. Here’s why:  Read the rest of this entry »