Chicken with Mediterranean Sauce

December 8, 2016

I made a flavorful sauce the other night, and I’m calling it a Mediterranean sauce because it uses pretty much all the Mediterranean flavors. All of them.

My recipe was inspired by a recipe in Read the rest of this entry »

What’s In The RediSetGo? Part Eleven

February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day!  You all know what happens on Groundhog Day, don’t you?  If the groundhog comes out of its burrow and sees a RediSetGo, then, unfortunately for all you folks that don’t live in Los Angeles, there 6 more weeks of winter.  And based on the terrible winter storm that’s currently tormenting 1/3 of the country, I’d think it’s safe to say Mr. (or Mrs.) Groundhog saw a RediSetGo when they popped their peepers out of the ground.  Was it my RediSetGo that the groundhog laid eyes on?  That, my friends, is a mystery…

Speaking of mysteries, are you ready to play a brand-spankin’-new installment of Whats in the RediSetGo? I hope you are, because I have a good one all ready and set to go.  It’s easy-peasy to play, so no need to go looking up the rules on the interweb.  And if you missed a prior installment, no big deal.  Go up and click on My Favorite Posts and scroll down – they’re all there for easy access and enjoyment.

So.  Take a moment to turn off your cell phones, notice the closest emergency exit, unwrap your hard candies now, and refrain from the taking of flash photography…  it’s time to play!



First, I must give credit where credit is due – I saw this recipe on Spabettie’s great blog.  Here’s the recipe she posted (which, as you’ll see, I modified a little bit).

Now here’s where things get very exciting (it is Groundhog Day, after all), because in order to make this meal, I had to use not one, but TWO informercial products!  I’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.

Ready to continue?  Me too.

Does anyone have a Magic Bullet?  I do!  Here it is:

If you’ve never heard of it before, it is, to use a tagline directly from their infomercial, a “personal, versatile, countertop magician.”  Anything you want to blend/chop/puree/gooify, you can do in the Magic Bullet.  Here’s the informercial – see for yourself:

My Magic Bullet was given to me by one of my best friends, Katherine, about a year and a half ago, before she hightailed it to Sweden, where she now lives with her hubby and baby and dog.  I’ve only used it a couple times before, mainly because I don’t have a need for blending countertop magic all that often, but it’s pretty handy and easy, especially if you’re not making vast quantities of anything.

Spabettie’s recipe only calls for 3 ingredients: spinach, eggs, and rice flour.  This is where the modifications began.  I don’t have rice flour, so I used regular all-purpose flour.  And since I’m eating for one, I decided to roughly 1/2 the recipe.  So I started off with 1 1/2 cups of fresh spinach, and 2 egg whites (instead of 3 whole eggs), which went into the Magic Bullet cup:

Since I didn’t use the egg yolks, I knew my version of this recipe would lack some of the flavor of Spabettie’s, so I added a few tablespoons of shallot and some paprika:

Then I plopped the spinach/egg/shallot/paprika mixture on the Magic Bullet power base, and a few seconds later, it was all blended:

I added in 1/3 cup of flour, as well as some black pepper and a touch of Mrs. Dash.  After a few more seconds of Magic Bullet action, my batter was pretty thick, so I added about 2 tablespoons of water.  Then a few more seconds in the Magic Bullet, and my batter was ready to go:

Geez, that’s a fantastic color, don’t you think?

Because the RediSetGo’s cooking surface isn’t all that large, I had to make each pancake individually, but that was fine, because I only had enough batter for three of them anyway, and each one only took about 2 minutes to cook.

I ate the first pancake almost immediately after it was finished, all by itself, because I was so curious.  It was good!  It was light and spongy, like I like my pancakes, and a little on the bland side – maybe shoulda added a bit more paprika.   The other two pancakes, though, because the bread in a delicious breakfast sandwich.  Between them, I put 1 egg white (which I quickly nuked in the microwave), and sliced tomato, cucumber, and scallion.  It was gooood:

I can’t wait to make these again!  And thanks, Spabettie, for the great idea!

Oh, and the rest of my breakfast was a pear and an apple.

Keep it up, David!