BUSY WEEKEND: On Set with Bowflex, A Killer Olympian Workout, Meeting Animals at the Fair!

September 2, 2015

I’m still playing catch-up. My last post was about a race two weekends ago… and now I’m gonna recap this most recent, jam-packed weekend!

My friend Rob at Bowflex invited me to the set of a new commercial they were shooting in Malibu. Drake was there!


(Not really. Rob used the Drake Shake app to digitally add Drake to this pic of me and Aaron.)

The commercial was for the Bowflex TreadClimber, one of their products that I’ve used while visiting my aunt and uncle. I had no involvement in the commercial whatsoever, except to Read the rest of this entry »


My Incredible Shrinking Clothes – Swimsuit Edition

November 22, 2010

I bought a swimsuit yesterday.  I haven’t bought a swimsuit since early 2008, before going on a family vacation to Key West.  I still have that swimsuit, so the first thing I did when I got home was take a photo to compare my new swimsuit to my old one.

This isn’t the first time I’ve photographed my Incredible Shrinking Clothes – check out the inaugural edition here and the workout pants edition here.

But before you go clicking on those links – check out my Incredible Shrinking Swimsuit!

I lined up the seam along the right side of the photo (left side of the swimsuits) to create the optimal comparison.   The purply-grey pair with the red side panels is a size 3XL.  I never liked the color – it’s hideous and unflattering – but I didn’t have many options at the big & tall store when I bought them.  I wore them almost daily to the pool during that week in Key West, and actually, now that I think about it, that may be the last time I’ve worn a swimsuit.  Almost three years ago.

When I was growing up, if I had been told that there would be a period in my life where I would go three years without wearing a swimsuit, I would never have believed it.  I practically grew up in water.  The house I grew up in had a pool, and I have memories of being in it before I knew how to swim.  I actually learned to swim as a toddler at the YMCA, and I have memories of that, too.  And then there were the 10 years of being on competitive swim teams, and 2 years of water polo – all told, I spent thousands of hours in the water by the time I graduated high school.

I bought the new swimsuit (the black one, which is a size XL) because later today I’m headed to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving week at my sister’s house, and she and her hubby take their kids to the local pool every Friday night, and I’m excited to go with them.  I was in Colorado last year for Thanksgiving too, and opted not to go to the pool, because I didn’t want to wear my swimsuit (although that wasn’t reason I told my family at the time).  If, a year ago, I had been told that in 1 year I would be excited to go to the pool, I would never have believed it.

Just because I was curious, I scoured the photos I have from that Key West trip to see if there was one of me in my old swimsuit.  There’s not, which doesn’t surprise me – I wouldn’t have allowed anyone to take a photo of me shirtless – but I saw other photos and decided to end this post with a ‘Before’ and ‘Current’ photo comparision.

Me in Key West (I was in a head-shaving phase):

Me now (another photo from a recent visit to see my friend Judie, who has llamas):

Keep it up, David!

LLAMAS! (Plus a Before and Current Photo Comparison)

November 12, 2010

I was on the road today before 9am, heading out of the city to go visit my friend Judie.  Judie lives in the mountains about 45 minutes northeast of town, and it’s beautiful up there.

I love going up to Judie’s, because she has a few acres, and a lot of animals.   We’ll start with a Before and Current Photo Comparison, because I found a photo from a few years ago that’s perfect for this sort of thing.

This photo is from 2007, when Judie first rescued Cleo, a German Shepherd puppy:

Cleo was adorable as a puppy, and now she’s all grown up and still pretty freakin’ cute.  Here’s a photo from today – with Cleo on the left, and Cassie, another German Shepherd, on the right:

But that’s not all – Judie also has two horses, Lacey and Sandy.  Here’s me and Lacey:

Judie also has llamas.  Llots and llots of llamas.  I think she’s up to 11 or 12?  Let’s see if I can figure this out:

When I first met Judie 7 years ago, she had just gotten 5 llamas:  3 girls (Chamesa, Oreo, and Cookie) and 2 boys (Jesse and James).  Jesse ended up going to live somewhere else, leaving 4 llamas.  Then James knocked up all three of the ladies, and a year later (there’s a year-long gestation period), the herd had three new additions: Melody (a girl), Billy (a boy), and Harmony, who everyone thought was a girl for a year, but was actually a boy (llamas are shaggy down there, it can be hard to tell).

That’s 7 llamas.  But the procreating didn’t stop.  James and all the ladies got busy again, and soon all three were with child again.  A year later, Judie welcomed Daisy (a girl), Bugs (a boy), and Bandit (a boy).  10 llamas.  Judie finally separated the boys from the girls, but not before James had his way with Melody, who, a year later, gave birth to Millie (a girl).   Millie is the 11th llama, and Melody should star in the next season of MTV’s “Teen Mom.”

Anyway – Millie is a sweetheart.  Here’s me and Millie:

And here I am, nose to nose with Billy:

And for everyone that hasn’t seen a llama up close:

Judie and I also took a long drive into the Antelope Valley, going through towns I had barely heard of before, like Pearblossom, Llano, and Littlerock.  There’s not much up there, except miles and miles of desert in every direction, but it’s always had an appeal: British author Aldous Huxley, best known for Brave New World, lived in Llano for a while, and we also drove by the ruins of a socialist compound that flourished from 1915-1918, until the 60 or so families living there got fed up with the intermittent water supply (the compound was near a river, but it was dry for most of the time) and moved to Louisiana.

Then we headed back to Judie’s neck of the woods and had lunch at a cute little place called Sweetwater Cafe – I had a great salad with spinach, mushrooms, scallion, hard boiled egg, tomato, and a grilled chicken breast, with a little blue cheese dressing on the side.

After lunch we went to Vasquez Rocks, a big park.  We originally intended to go hiking in Vasquez Rocks, but we were both tired and didn’t feel up for it, so we did the next best thing – drove around a little bit and took some cool photos.  Me and some rocks:

Judie and some other rocks:

Me and Judie and some rocks:

These rock formations are all over the place at Vasquez Rocks, and because it’s less than an hour away from Hollywood, the area has been used as a filming location for movies and TV pretty since much since film has been invented.  Tons of westerns have been filmed there, and also a lot of science fiction – actually, one of the more prominent rock formations is called James T. Kirk Rock, because it was used in a number of different “Star Trek” episodes in the ’60s, representing a different planet in each one.  In the ’90s, the entire town of Bedrock was built in Vasquez Rocks for the live-action movie version of “The Flintstones”.

Because I didn’t go hiking, this day will likely end with me not doing any exercise, but I’m not fretting over it.  I worked out the last 6 days in a row, so I’m due for a day off.

Keep it up, David!