Watch the KGW Local News Story About Me!

February 13, 2018

I’m famous in Portland! Check out the KGW local news piece about me that aired last week to promote the Fight For Air Climb:

It’s great! And I’m really surprised at how long it is. We filmed a lot of stuff, and I thought it would get edited down to maybe 45-60 seconds, but they used nearly everything – and the story is 3:30 long!

What some behind-the-scenes scoop?
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Did You Miss My Bowflex Breakfast Club Interview? Watch It Here!

February 8, 2018

Wednesday was a pretty special day. I shared my story with lots of people, in a couple different settings. First up was a bright and early appearance on Bowflex Breakfast Club, a live show on Facebook hosted by fitness expert (and my buddy) Tom Holland.

Thanks to my sister Laura for the screengrab!

We talked for nearly an hour about weight loss and fitness, and while it’s all kind of a blur to me now, I got all sorts of great feedback afterward. Viewers were Read the rest of this entry »

TUNE IN ALERT: I’m Being Interviewed Twice This Week!

February 6, 2018

If you love reading my posts… just wait until you see me on your TV! Or computer! Or tablet! Or phone! I’m fortunate enough to be a guest on two broadcasts this week. Here’s how to check them out!

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Fitbloggin Part Two: Ass-Kicking Workouts…and Local Celebrities!

July 2, 2013

Ready for more stories from the Fitbloggin conference in Portland? I got lots more to share, and today, I’m going to focus on exercise, because I took a couple classes that were truly one-of-a-kind experiences. At the end of my last post, I showed pictures from a run I took around downtown Portland, and that run was the only exercise I did solo.

The morning after the run I got up at the crack of dawn for a 6am boot camp class. We met in a big room inside the hotel, and after a quick warm-up, all of us (about 40-50 people total) headed outside, and did a bulk of the workout in Pioneer Square, a big plaza across the street.


The plaza was pretty empty at 6am, so we had a ton of space. The class was led by Erin Kreitz Shirey, a trainer who writes at Dig Deep, Play Hard. Erin is a dynamo of a woman – full of energy and passion and… currently pregnant! She led us through all sorts of excruciating exercises: squats, planks, push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers, frog jumps, and a lot of running up and down stairs.

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