Here’s Some Medical Advice: Don’t Get Shingles On Your Face

December 6, 2020

The past few weeks have been awful. I’m currently recovering a nasty case of shingles on my scalp, face, and in my left eye. The worst of it is over, which I am very thankful for, but I’m still dealing with pain. In fact, I’ve had the same non-stop headache for over three and a half weeks now. The intensity varies, and I’m managing it with a mix of over the counter and prescribed painkillers, but I’m ready for it to be over.

The first sign that something was amiss was about four weeks ago, when Read the rest of this entry »

I’ve Been a Little Quiet This Week…

December 15, 2011

…and that’s because I’m sick. Again. I was just sick about a month ago, with a terrible sore throat that lasted well over a week, and now I’m sick again. Sore throat, sneezing, runny nose, yuck.

I’m sick of being sick.

The timing is good, in the sense that I just loaded up at the store the other day, so there’s plenty of healthy food in my house and I’m eating it. And drinking lots of fluid, and taking lots of Vitamin C, and getting lots of rest, and self-medicating with lots of DayQuil and NyQuil (depending on the hour). I didn’t work out yesterday, and, as of right now, I don’t think I’ll work out today, either. I’ll just focus on the hours of mindless entertainment that my TiVo has saved for me. And I’ll focus on getting better.

Keep it up, David.

Sick. Plus, Best of the Web!

November 19, 2011

Not feeling the greatest today. I have a headache and a killer sore throat. It hurts to swallow. This is day 2 of not feeling well – I made yesterday a rest day (exercise-wise) and took the term “rest day” to heart, taking a nice long mid-day nap. I’m loaded up on Zicam (generic) and Naproxen (name-brand) and I don’t feel much like blogging. So I’m not going to.

BUT, check this out! Keep It Up, David has been named Best of the Web!, an online shopping website, has a weekly round-up of the best sites out there, and this week, I’m on the list. Woo-hoo! Check it out here. Also check out their sporting goods blog, Be In The Game. Thanks for the honor, folks at!

Hope all of you have a great weekend – and hope you’re feeling better than I am! It’s hard when I’m sick, but I still gotta…

…Keep it up, David!