How Do You Add 14 Flights of Your Workout? PLUS: Create Your Own Cardio Map Challenge!

August 21, 2013

The answer to the question in the title is: BE FORGETFUL! That’s what happened today.

I was on my fifth day of working out after recovering from my sprained foot. I was scheduled to have my first session in three weeks with Mo, the personal trainer, so I headed off to Crunch in Burbank (which, unlike the West Hollywood Crunch, never had any salacious displays of showering customers). The Burbank Crunch is located on the top floor of a shopping center that also includes a Barnes & Noble, an AMC multiplex, and a couple restaurants. It’s served by a giant parking garage that also handles parking for the Ikea across the street. I can easily park on the roof of the garage and walk a few feet to get inside Crunch, but I never do that, because A) I’d have to wind my way up through the levels of the garage, which takes time, and B) I prefer the lower levels, as they’re covered, which keeps my car out of the hot sun.

The parking garage has a back entrance that leads directly to one of the lowest floors, and that floor is nearly always empty, so I park there. Which means I then have to take the stairs to get to Crunch (there’s also escalators and an elevator, but I always take the stairs). First there’s these:


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