Torture Device or Symbol of Success?

December 19, 2010

Last month, I was Skyping with my uncle and grandmother, and during our chat, my uncle wandered away and came back with this, which he had found in my grandmother’s garage.  Any idea what it is?

My first thought was that it could be one of the Dentist’s tools in “Little Shop of Horrors.”  But it’s actual use is to….

…punch holes in belts!

Knowing that my grandma had such a device, I brought a belt that is too big for me on my trip to Michigan so I could test this sucker out.

Here’s the belt:

It’s either a size 48″ or a size 50″ (I can’t remember), and I got it in July.  Now I’m down to a size 40″ around my waist – a full 18″ smaller than when I was at my heaviest, and my waist measured 58″!

Anyway – the belt would need more holes if I were ever to wear it again, so I got to work punching those holes out.  First step: figuring out how big to make the holes.  The tool can punch holes in 6 different diameters, so I found the one that fits my belt:

Then I lined up the punch with where I wanted to hole to go:

Then I squeezed.  And squeezed.  And squeezed.  Turns out you need a lot of pressure to punch a hole through leather!  Finally I felt it give way, and voila!  I had a new hole!

I was so excited that I immediately started again and punched a second new hole.  Then a third, then a fourth.  Ultimately, I punched 7 new holes:

In the background are the bits that I punched out.

Now I can wear the belt again!  It sure feels good to have outgrown my clothing – although outgrown is the wrong word… outshrunk my clothes? Thinned out of my clothes?  Whatever the word it…

…Keep it up, David!