Easy Pumpkin Dip AND Weight Loss Chart Update!

November 11, 2012

By the time you read this, it’ll already be November 12th, and I just realized I never posted my most recent weigh-in results from… um… 12 days ago. Whoopsy, my bad! I got a little swept up in last weekend’s 10K race, which, by the way, left me sore in my quads and calves for nearly three days. Even though the race is over and done with, I still ran three more times last week, due to the convenience of running and my new habit of bringing a change of clothes to the office so I can hit the streets as soon as I’m done with work.

But I digress. I have a weight loss chart to update! For anyone that may be new here, I’ve kept a weight loss chart since I began this endeavor nearly three years ago (!), and every month I update it with my weight as a way to stay accountable, remind myself of my successes, and track my progress. After I weighed myself on November first, I updated my chart like this:

I stayed even at 241 pounds. I’ll confess that I was hoping for a loss, on account of all the running I’d been doing to prepare for the 10K, but I’ll take it! After two months of small gains, I’m glad that I stopped adding weight. And looking back at calendar year 2012, which that photo shows, I realized that I’ve stayed within the same 5-pound range since January. That’s pretty sweet, even though I’m at the high end of the range at the moment.

241 pounds represents a loss of 161 pounds. I don’t get tired of reminding myself of that! Here’s the chart in its entirety (for you new folks, it’s hanging on my closet wall, where I can see it every day as I dress):

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October 30, 2012

My family was in town recently, for what turned out to be a really wonderful weekend. We headed down to Anaheim and did the whole Disney thing. It was my second time in each of the Disney parks, and it was a really fun and busy time. And even though the family has long since returned home, I can’t stop thinking about my four-year-old niece, Allison.

First, a picture of Allison, along with me, my sister Sarah, and Ariel from “The Little Mermaid.” I’m still wet from Grizzly River Run, the Disney California Adventure water ride we were on immediately preceding our meet and greet with Ariel:

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A Return to Running

October 8, 2012

Some good news is that I’m feeling better than I was last week. That’s thanks to a pretty good week where I ate well and managed to work out 4 times (huzzah!). Plus, I have something new to focus on that will help with my exercise, and that’s invigorating. I can’t fully divulge what I’m up to, as it involves a big, exciting announcement that I’m not allowed to announce yet, but it involves running, and I have a lot to say today about running.

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October Weight Loss Chart Update AND Crockpot Ratatatatatatouille

October 1, 2012

I’ve been trying to focus on the positive the past few days, because it regards to my eating and exercise, it hasn’t been a fantastic few days.

I delayed this post a day so I could include the results of my October 1st weigh-in. Let’s see what the ol’ weight loss chart has to say, shall we?

Up three pounds. That’s five pounds that I’ve gained over the past two months. No bueno.  And here’s the crappy part about having a weight loss chart… it only took me approximately 15 seconds to realize that this is the heaviest I’ve been in about 18 months. The last time I weighed 241 pounds was March 2011.

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September 3, 2012

There’s a big question I’ve been pondering lately, but before I get to it, I have a little housekeeping to do.

1) Weight Loss Chart. It’s September! It’s the end of summer… and back-to-school time… the start of the new television season… and time to update my chart with the results of my most recent weigh-in!

I stepped on the scale Saturday morning, and I’ll let my chart show you the number I saw:

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A New Chapter for Keep It Up, David

August 13, 2012

Change is good. We can all agree on that, right? Change fuels progress and growth and leads to good things. Change can turn your life around, like it did mine. Had I not started making changes, I never would have gone from this…

Me in 2007 at a family get-together in Chicago. That’s my sister and sister-in-law that I unceremoniously cropped out.

..to this…

Me, trying on sunglasses in June 2012. (I didn’t buy them)

That right there is a visual representation of the 166 pounds that I’ve lost and kept off, and it’s all because I had the courage to embrace change.

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July 2012 Progress Report

August 5, 2012

Let’s start this post off with a photograph:

A photo of a calendar can only mean one thing: time for a MONTHLY PROGRESS REPORT!

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