AM I CRAZY?! I’ve Signed Up for Three More Stair Races, in Three Different States!

April 20, 2015

My recent race in the Aon Center in Los Angeles was my sixth stair race of 2015. I haven’t mentioned any other races, but it turns out… I’ve been keeping a few secrets. I’ve actually signed up for three more stair races. One of them is the inaugural race at an iconic skyscraper that opened last fall to international fanfare, after years of anticipation.

Need another hint? It’s one of the buildings in this photo:

Travel-2015-Year Ahead

YEP! On Sunday, May 17th, I’m going to race up the stairs of ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER in New York City!
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New York, New York (Part One)

May 15, 2012

It’s hard to travel and stay on track with mindful eating and exercise. You don’t have your own kitchen full of healthy options, and it’s hard to work out when you’re in unfamiliar territory and not on your standard schedule. But with planning and thought, it can be done. I got back Sunday from four wonderful days in New York City, and I’m really proud of how I ate and how I moved. I’m also ridiculously proud of the ‘before’ and ‘current’ pictures I posted yesterday (click here if you missed it).

There’s lots to recap from my trip to New York, so I’m gonna divvy it up into two posts. I’m gonna focus today’s post on exercise, and, in my next post, I’ll share lots of food pictures.

There’s a lot to cover – are you ready?

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