My Weight Loss in M&Ms, Bowling Balls and MORE!

April 11, 2011

A few weeks ago, inspired by a photo from last November of me next to 147 pounds of dog food, I broke out my abacus and scoured the interweb, and compared my weight loss to a bunch of commonplace (and not so commonplace) items, like Oreos, quarters, tubas, and statues of Bigfoot.  Check it out here – it’s a fun read (and even more fun for me calculate and write)!

The post got a great response, and, ever since, I’ve been thinking about what else I could compare my weight loss to.  I’ve lost 164 pounds, so here’s some more items that weigh roughly 164 pounds.  Thanks to a friend who shall remain nameless (which I’m sure he’d prefer), for an assist.  


…M&MS. I’ve lost the equivalent of 86,592 M&Ms.  Can’t visualize what that many M&Ms looks like?  They’d fill a 20-gallon aquarium to the top, and there’d still be about 5,600 hundred M&Ms to spare!  Here’s another fun visual:  If you lined up 86,592 M&Ms, end to end, they’d almost make it all the way across the main span of the Mackinac Bridge in northern Michigan (it’d be just 106 feet short).  Here’s a picture of the Mackinac Bridge – it’s the longest suspension bridge in the western hemisphere, and the third-longest suspension bridge in the world:

…BOWLING BALLS. The heaviest bowling ball allowed for use by most bowling leagues and associations is 16 pounds.  I’ve lost ten 16-pound bowling balls!

…WATER. One gallon of water weighs 8.35 pounds, which means I’ve lost almost 20 gallons of water!  (The exact number is 19.64 gallons).  The photo has four of those 5-gallon jugs that go upside-down into a watercooler, and it ain’t easy to pick up one of them!

…PREDATORY CATS. Adult mountain lions, which live in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles, weigh, on average, 150 pounds, so I’ve lost one mountain lion.  That means I’ve also lost one cougar, one puma, and one panther, because they’re all the same animal.

…MAJOR SPORTS TROPHIES. I’ve lost more weight than these six major sports trophies combined. I had to look up what the Commissioner’s Trophy was for – I’m not much of a sports fan!

…EMMY AWARDS. While I may not be a sports fan, I’m a huge television fan, so I’m happy to share that I’ve lost the equivalent of 34 Emmy Awards, which is how many Cloris Leachman, Candice Bergen, Mary Tyler Moore, Tyne Daly, Shia LaBeouf, and Betty White have collectively won.  Yep, Shia LaBeouf has an Emmy Award – it’s a Daytime Emmy that he won in 2003 for the Disney Channel show Even Stevens.

…TIRES. These Michelin Harmony 205/60R15 tires weigh 22 pounds each, so I’ve lost seven of them.

…COUNTRY MUSIC STARS. On the March 20, 2011 episode of Celebrity Apprentice, John Rich said, to Donald Trump, “I’m 160 pounds of rompin’ stompin’ meat, brother!”  My ears perked up for two reasons: 1) that sentence could easily have been said by Yosemite Sam (although I doubt Yosemite Sam weighs 160), and 2) he weighs 4 pounds less than what I’ve lost.  So, I’ve lost John Rich

…FRIED CHICKEN. I’ve lost 27 12-piece buckets of KFC Original Recipe fried chicken.  I’ve never been a big KFC eater, but that’s a lot of chicken!  Based on the nutritional information on the KFC website, all that chicken adds up to 78,570 calories and 4,212 grams of fat.

If you have ideas for other items I could compare my weight loss to, leave them in the comments section!  No need to do the research or math – leave that up to me – I’m good at it!

One more thing…

…Keep it up, David!