Sunday Food Notes

June 26, 2011

A few food-related quickies today:

1) Mystery Food.  I love my readers – you guys are awesome!  I posted this picture yesterday of a mystery food product…

…and you all respond with a flood of comments confirming that it’s dried squid.  Possibly dried cuttlefish.  I had to look up cuttlefish to remind me what they were – they’re another type of cephalopod, similar to squid (and not related to fish at all, despite their name), but with an internal shell.  That internal shell is called a cuttlebone, and it’s actually a very popular toy/accessory for parrots – it’s full of calcium and parrots love them.  And that’s a fact that I remember from my high school days, when I had a summer job working at a pet supply store, where we sold cuttlebones to parrot owners all the time.

That was a tangent.  Anyway – I will be trying my dried squid/cuttlefish, and I will be sharing what I think right here.  So look for that in the next few days.

In the meantime…

2) Produce, Produce, Produce!  I hit Whole Foods yesterday, as my produce supplies were precariously low, and I walked away with a fantastic bounty.  Wanna see?

Let’s see… clockwise from top left, we have: broccoli and cauliflower (already cut-up and on a tray), a berry tower of stacked strawberries, blueberries,  and blackberries, 2 red peppers, bananas, scallions, 2 mangoes, cherries, roma tomatoes, a bag of kale salad (which you can see close-up here), zucchini, yellow squash, fresh figs (Yay! It’s fresh fig season!), a cucumber, red plums, lemons, red delicious apples, peckham pears, celery, and baby carrots.  Phew!

Some of the veggies were purchased specifically for a recipe I created yesterday… and which I’ll share tomorrow… it’s good!

I managed to leave without buying any new types of produce to try for the first time.  I wasn’t looking too hard for new stuff, since the dried squid sorta hits the experimental note this week on the blog, although I did see dandelion greens at the store, which were tempting, so maybe I’ll buy those next time.  Seems strange to spend money on greens that are so hated when they pop up on people’s lawns!

3) Dino Kale.  Speaking of new produce items… remember these guys?

It’s the dino kale I bought last week.  Jennifer left a great comment on that post about all the stuff she does with dino kale, but I ended up doing what I’ve done before with curly kale: make kale chips!  I didn’t document the process, because I’ve done that before (see my kale chip recipe, and lots of pictures, here), but I did take a couple pictures of the final product:

It is much easier to make kale chips with dino kale than regular kale.  The leaves are flatter and heartier, which makes removing the stems a breeze, and they lie flat on the baking sheet, so they’re easier to line up.  This time around, I spread about a teaspoon of basil-infused olive oil on them, some cumin, and some Mrs. Dash.  When they came out of the oven, I sprinkled some vegetarian bacon bits on them, because (fake) bacon makes everything better, but it wasn’t a great idea, because the bacon bits didn’t really stick to them.  I had to manually re-apply some bacon bits to take this picture:

They were really good, though – I took them to a little get-together I went to, and they were gone within minutes.  Everyone that I’ve introduced kale chips to seems to become a fan!

Keep it up, David!