An Excursion to Arby’s. PLUS: What I Order at Fast Food Restaurants

October 22, 2017

Here’s something I don’t write about very often: FAST FOOD! Despite all the big changes I’ve made in my life over the past seven (almost eight!) years, I haven’t eliminated fast food out of my diet completely. Fast food is a rare treat, but it does happen. And like many of the treats I allow myself to occasionally indulge in, I handle fast food in a very specific way. Read the rest of this entry »


Construction Update

July 9, 2012

I have an update about the new building going up in my neighborhood. I blogged about the building last month, and the gist of the post was that I was hoping Hoping HOPING that it wouldn’t be an Arby’s, because if it was, it would be proof that the universe was out to sabotage me. Refresh your memory by reading the entire post here. Remember this picture?

The building isn’t finished yet… but it has been announced what it’s going to become.

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Canada + Construction

June 11, 2012

Happy Monday! I have two topics for today. Let’s start with…

1) CANADA. I spent a big chunk of my Sunday morning with my jaw on the ground. I love the Canadian press! Here’s what happened:

The fantastic Montreal Gazette article about me (eloquently written by the lovely and talented June Thompson) ran last Thursday. Yesterday, I realized that the article was picked up by a bunch of other Canadian newspapers. Nine of them, by my count. Nine! Let’s go to the map!

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