Video Content! How To Cut Up A Mango

Who wants to learn how to cut a mango? I made a video! I’m no superstar YouTuber or anything, but this video gets the job done. I held my smartphone with my right hand, and showed off the steps with my left. Check it out!

I think my favorite part of the video is JJ. He’s always very interested in what I’m doing in the kitchen, although he never gets people food (except when wayward crumbs accidentally end up on the floor).

The video came about because I was texting with my friend Jocelyn, and the topic of mangos came up. Jocelyn enjoys mangos but didn’t have a good technique for cutting them. It’s a common issue, because mangos are oddly shaped, and have a very hard, oval-shaped pit in the middle of the them that makes everything a little trickier.

Jocelyn requested a video, so I made seven short videos, and texted them to her one by one. This video is all seven, strung together into one less-than-three-minute triumph. Enjoy!

And keep eating your fruits and vegetables!

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to Video Content! How To Cut Up A Mango

  1. MJSTROMBERG says:

    JJ is so handsome! So happy you both have a great new home home.

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