My First Post… From My New House!

Hello, everyone! Greetings from my new home!

I moved in a few weeks ago, and between preparing for the move, and all the stuff that’s come after, it seems like I’ve been busy forever. Earlier today, my father and I removed the bathroom mirror in the above photo from the wall and rehung it ten inches higher, because that bathroom was not designed for someone my height, and I couldn’t see my face in it without bending over. In addition to showcasing a job well done, that photograph also documents the first time I could actually use that mirror – exciting stuff!

The mirror used to rest on that backsplash ledge, but now it doesn’t!

Yesterday, I hung a towel rack in the other bathroom, reassembled a door knob that I taken apart earlier in the week when I got mysteriously locked out of one of my rooms (by a ghost? I’m not sure!), measured a couple walls and calculated how much wallpaper I’d need to purchase, and went out to a couple stores for much-needed supplies.

I keep a home improvement to-do list, and it seems like every time I cross something off it, I end up adding two new things. I don’t think of myself as being terribly handy, but I impress myself with what I’m able to do by myself (like installing a new thermostat), and I’m learning a lot from my dad, who helps with the bigger, more complicated tasks and is the handiest, most resourceful person I know.

Generally, I’m unpacked. The last major thing that keeps getting bumped down the priority list is hanging my art up on the walls. There’s no urgency there to get it done, but I am looking forward to doing it, because it’ll make the house so much more personal to me.

I’m going to hold off on sharing more pictures until I get the art up, and until a couple more pieces of furniture arrive. (JJ currently has more dog beds in the family room than I have places to sit, because I ordered a couch and chair that won’t be here for a few more weeks.)

All the work around the house has meant that my time in the kitchen has been pretty minimal. I’m eating healthy meals, but saying that I’ve been cooking would definitely be a stretch. In fact, I’ve only used my stove twice – to hard-boil eggs, and to cook a hamburger patty in a grill pan. (Which I ate on top of a salad.)

I’ve been packing my lunches diligently – a big salad, with either store-bought tuna or chicken, or my own hard-boiled eggs, and then a piece of fruit and sometimes a nonfat plain Greek yogurt. For breakfast, I’ll eat a banana and bring a Tupperware of raw veggies to munch on during my commute. Sometimes I’ll eat an egg or a yogurt, but generally speaking, I need to up my protein at breakfast. For now I think I’ll lean on good ol’ portable protein shakes, so that’s something to add to the shopping list.

For dinner, my go-to lately has been nuking a Lean Cuisine, and then nuking a bag of frozen veggies, and then mixing it all together. A couple times I’ve stopped at a grocery store on the way home from work and picked up a wrap or some sort of pre-made veggie salad or dish from the deli counter.

I’m also prioritizing exercise. I’ve been getting better at waking up early and getting my workout done before work, and I love my home gym – it was the first room that was usable in my new house (although it too will get a couple pieces of artwork on the walls).

Two months ago, I blogged about how JJ and I had hiked 47 miles on this long trail that spans a couple counties, and since then, I’ve made it a goal to hike the entire trail, from end to end. Thanks to an 8-mile hike this morning, we’re now up to 73.8 total miles! The areas in red are what’s been added since the last map I shared. (Click on it to see it bigger.)

You may have noticed that the map only says we’ve covered 36.9 miles, but JJ and I done twice that – because we’ve done the whole trail in both directions. I can’t go any further west – I hit the western terminus on the morning that JJ and I competed in the virtual 5K, but there’s quite a bit more heading east – I think around 30 miles, but I’m not exactly sure. We will continue to hike a different segment every weekend, until there is no more trail to hike!

When the trail crossed the county line from Oakland to Macomb County, the name of the trail changed (for the fourth time). In Macomb County it’s called the Macomb Oakland Trail (clever!), and they built a nice little entry barn that I passed through a few weekends back.

The trail followed a river for a long time, but it doesn’t anymore, so there won’t be many more pictures like this in my future…

…but there will be plenty more pictures like this, because JJ is a great hiking buddy and how could I not take pictures of my handsome pup?

He’s very patiently waiting in that picture for me to pour some water into his travel bowl.

Lastly, I want to mention yesterday’s workout, which I dedicated to my friend Z. I pulled out my step equipment and spent almost an hour alternating between cardio on the step, and lifting weights.

Z was on my mind the entire time, because he’s currently in a San Diego hospital battling COVID-19. I’ve known Z for probably seven years. We met through stair racing, and he’s been a good friend ever since. Z is a tough, strong, caring guy, and my heart broke instantly when I learned he was on a ventilator. But I also wasn’t surprised when I learned that Z’s condition is improving, because Z is a fighter, and he doesn’t give up. I’m looking forward to the day when he goes home from the hospital, and beyond that, looking forward to the day when I’ll see him again in a stairwell.

The outpouring of love and support for Z has been astronomical, and it’s come from around the world. One of the things I love most about stair racing is the friendships it’s brought into my life, and it makes me proud to be part of a such a supportive, loving, incredible group of people all coming together and rooting for one of our own. Keep fighting, Z!


Keep it up, David!


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6 Responses to My First Post… From My New House!

  1. Nicolette says:

    Happy New Home David — Z in my thoughts along with you! Can’t wait to see more pics when you get your art hung! XXX

  2. Sarah Van Houten says:

    Congrats on the big move! Can’t wait to see it

  3. says:

    Hooray for you, David!!! xxx Sybil

  4. G.M. Grena says:

    Ditto regarding Z. Tough, resilient climber despite minor injuries, obstacles, & other impediments that would discourage less courageous people. Never underestimate the mental benefits of staircase training/racing such as tenacity & endurance. You’re a great example of that too, David. Have fun w/ the home décor!

  5. Shannon says:

    I’m glad you were able to get the mirror sorted out! It must be so exciting to have your own home. That is a huge milestone. Thank you for always inspiring me to move and stay active.

  6. Alexis Garcia says:

    I see you hung a bunch of race medals on your wall. Hope your friend, Z, is doing better.

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