I Haven’t Blogged During the Past Few Weeks, But That’s Because I Bought a House!

Hey gang! It’s been three weeks since I’ve posted anything on here, and it’s because my mind and energy has been focused on a very exciting development: I BOUGHT A HOUSE! 

It’s a cute little ranch in a Detroit suburb called Troy, about 25 minutes from where I’m currently living. I picked up the keys last weekend. I’ll share some pics throughout this post, but I’m starting with the craziest part of the story: I made an offer on the house without ever stepping foot inside. 

The house looked great when I first saw the listing pictures a couple months ago. But Michigan was locked down, and realtors were unable to show properties, so our only option was a Zoom tour, where the seller walked around and showed off every room on his iPad, and I watched on my laptop, asking questions, as did our perspective realtors. Later that day, I drove over and checked out the house from the outside.

And then I made an offer! We negotiated a couple contingencies designed to protect me since it there’s was no precedent for purchasing a home during a global pandemic, and all in all, the process went pretty smoothly. Now I’m a homeowner again!

The house has a couple features that I’m super excited about. First, there’s a fenced-in backyard, which JJ will absolutely love. (As will I.)

(I’m getting rid of the shed on the left, and hope to ultimately put some sort of patio in that area.) 

The backyard is where JJ will get his exercise, but I’m going to get my exercise in… my home gym!

I’m actually repurposing the living room to use as my gym. I have a family room, where I’ll relax and watch TV, and I don’t need two sitting areas. Putting the gym in one of the most central rooms in the house is certainly a bold statement, but I’m proud of that statement. It’s about prioritizing my health, and creating a space where I want to spend time. It has great natural light, is big enough too accommodate a variety of workouts, and it isn’t tucked into a corner, or in a dark basement.

I’ll be spending most of my non-working out time in the main room, which has my kitchen, dining area, and family room. Here’s the kitchen:

It looks out over the dining room, and a comfortable family room with a vaulted ceiling. My dad and I spent all day today mounting that TV!

Off the family room is a sunroom, with a wall of windows overlooking the backyard.

On the other side of the house is a hallway with three bedrooms and a bathroom. Here’s the room where I’ll be sleeping:

Plus there’s a two-car garage, one full bath and one half bath, a semi-finished basement (with a laundry area, cedar closet, and full-sized freezer), central air conditioning, and six ceiling fans.

There’s some cosmetic changes I want to make. I want to do some painting soon, and maybe once I save a little more money, figure out how to renovate the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, which clearly wasn’t designed with someone of my height in mind. But there’s nothing that has to be done before I move in.

Speaking of moving in, you may have noticed that there’s no furniture yet. I sold all my furniture when I sold my condo in Los Angeles, so I’ve been doing some shopping, and I have movers coming in a couple weeks to help with the stuff I do have. I’m excited to make this home my own, and will share more pictures once I get more settled!

These past few weeks have been busy: assembling furniture, shopping, planning. My parents have been an enormous help, for which I’m extremely grateful. I haven’t taken any time off work (except for a half-day to go and sign all the closing paperwork), so when I’m not working, I’m either working on something for the house, or completely exhausted.

My health hasn’t suffered during these past few weeks. I have gained back some of the weight that I lost earlier in the lockdown, but I’m mindful of the food choices I’m making, and I’m continuing to exercise six days a week. This past week I’ve done more long walks with JJ (averaging 2.5 miles) than high-intensity stuff, but activity is activity, and plus, our walks lately have been pretty bonkers.

We have deer in our area, and there’s two does with newborn fawns. Fawn sightings are few and far between, but JJ and I have learned that the mamas do not mess around when their offspring are nearby. They hold their ground when JJ spots them and starts barking and crying, up until we are six or eight feet away. One doe charged JJ and knocked him to the ground with her two front hooves! (JJ wasn’t injured.) Since then, that doe has been stalking us on our walks. I see her about five times a week. She follows us, or walks parallel to us while staying 25 feet away, dodging and weaving between bushes and trees. Sometimes she follows us for a quarter mile!

She’s looking after some precious cargo. I saw one of the fawns when it was likely only a few days old, and the other night I saw it at a distance running after its mom. Adorable.

I don’t think I’ll see deer as frequently once I move to my new house, but there will be squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits for JJ to fixate on.

And now we’re all caught up! I have one more major story to share from the past couple weeks… and it’s the story of my first race in about four months. I’ll save that, though, for my next post!

Keep it up, David!


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12 Responses to I Haven’t Blogged During the Past Few Weeks, But That’s Because I Bought a House!

  1. Rosemarie says:

    Congratulations & good luck in your new home!


    Wishing you happiness and good health in your new home. Stay safe!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. KellyOfCali says:

    Congratulations David! So exciting!!

  4. Jeff Dinkin says:

    Congratulations, David! Maybe you should adopt those deer! Maybe she follows you because she wants to be your pet. Also, it sounds like she has a crush on JJ. 🙂

  5. Kathy Metevier-Rizza says:

    Hi, David! Congratulations on your beautiful new home. Guess what? My husband and I live in Troy, too (with our dogs and cats). It’s a really nice community – welcome to Troy!

  6. Alexis Garcia says:

    Wishing you and JJ lots of good walks around your new home. Very happy for you, David.

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