The Saturday Morning Workout That’s Been Kicking My Butt

All I wanted was a simple post-workout photo, and JJ photobombed it!

And then, seconds later, JJ landed a kiss right on my lips, complete with tongue!

My doggie loves me, but he always loves sweat… and I was covered in plenty of sweat, because my Saturday morning workout is a beast, and it leaves me dripping with it.

For the past month and a half, I’ve been doing step workouts with weights, following workout videos I’ve been finding on YouTube. They’re challenging and difficult, and I feel great every time I complete one.

That step is a souvenir from Slimmons, Richard Simmons’ fitness studio in Beverly Hills, California. My friend Anne, who taught classes there, gave me the step and some risers when Slimmons closed in 2016. It’s a nice memento to have, and one that I love using. I think Richard would be happy to know that a part of his studio is still alive and helping someone with their fitness. Actually, the only week I didn’t do a YouTube video was this past week, when I was able to join one of Anne’s Zoom step classes, which, in addition to being a killer workout, was a nostalgic blast from the past, since I started taking those classes at Slimmons years ago.

The weights are my Bowflex SelectTech 560s – dumbbells that can be adjusted anywhere from 5-60 pounds. They’re great, because I don’t need to have racks and racks of dumbbells everywhere. I can just slide these in their cradle, turn the handle, and adjust the weight to where I want it to be. Learn more about SelectTech dumbbells on the Bowflex website!

For these workouts, I keep the weights pretty light – 10 pounds each. That’s plenty for an effective workout, and the exercises I’m doing with them are more about toning, and you don’t need super heavy weights to tone.

There are tons of workout videos on YouTube, folks. All sorts of workouts, for all sorts of fitness levels, with or without equipment. I searched “step workout with weights” and got tons of results. I’ve tried a few, and the instructor I like most is a woman named Jenny Ford. Her videos are tough, but they’re easy to follow, and she films them in beautiful places, like outdoors in Montana.

They sure get me sweaty!

Typically, Jenny will lead a cardio portion, using the step, and then do a few exercises with weights, and then back to the cardio. You’re not using the weights during the entire workout – just at certain times.

The end result is an excellent total body workout, and one that leaves me exhausted!

On this morning, I added a kettlebell into the mix!

Doing workout videos, whether they’re on YouTube or DVD or VHS or whatever, is a great way to stay active. They provide a good push, and eliminate the need to devise your own workout, because someone else has already thought of that, and all you gotta do is follow along!

Often times, when I’m done with the step workout, I’ll return the SelectTechs to their cradles and bump them up to 30 or 35 pounds, and do a few sets of shrugs, because shrugs are rarely included in the workout videos I’ve been doing, and they’re great for the upper back and shoulders.

I’ve really enjoyed having the ability to do some strength training at home during this lockdown. Between my SelectTechs and my Bowflex HVT, I have all my strength needs covered! (Read about the HVT here.)

You don’t need fancy equipment – or even dumbbells – to work on toning and strength training, though. Do some internet searches for bodyweight exercises, like pushups, squats, lunges, and so on – and start trying those out! I’m sure there are dozens of YouTube videos, no matter your fitness level, that you could watch, too. Or, make your own dumbbells by lifting water bottles, or canvas tote bags filled with canned goods. The options are limitless!

Oh, and JJ now loves my step just as much as I do!

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to The Saturday Morning Workout That’s Been Kicking My Butt

  1. Shannon says:

    Those pictures are too cute! I love that the stepper continues to get used and keep that legacy alive. It is inspiring how much you’ve been doing. Reading about your journey continues to inspire me. So, thank you! ❤

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