My Second Entry In The “Chopped” Cooking Challenge At My Office

A couple weeks ago, I entered a fun challenge at work: to make a dish, over the weekend, that used three mystery ingredients. Check out what I came up with! This past weekend, I participated in the challenge again. The first time, the challenge was to make an entree. This time, the task was to make an appetizer!

But you can’t just make any appetizer. You have to use the three mystery ingredients, which, this time around, were:

  • Bread
  • Hot Sauce
  • Fruit

Those second two items threw me for a loop, because it’s an unexpected combination, but after brainstorming, I came up with a winning idea: Apple & Radish Triangles. 

To satisfy the mystery ingredients, I used whole grain bread, sriracha, and an apple.

Here’s how I made it. I started by cutting a piece of whole grain bread into four triangles. (I cut the piece in half, and then cut each half into two triangles.) Then, I toasted the triangles in the toaster oven.

While the bread was getting brown and crispy, I made a spread, made from a couple tablespoons whipped cream cheese, a small squirt of sriracha, and a couple pinches of minced cilantro.

The amount of sriracha is up to you, based on how much heat you like! It combined to make a really pretty pale pink spread.

Once the toast triangles were ready, I smeared them with the spread.

Then, I topped each triangle with an apple slice, two radish slices, and a few shredded carrots.

Once I had a few on the plate, I garnished them all with another pinch of minced cilantro.

And that’s it, folks! Appetizer complete! It’s crunchy and creamy, savory and sweet, with just a touch of heat from the sriracha, which is nicely balanced out by the cream cheese. Apple and radish are a strange combo, but they taste great together. And the recipe is easily scalable in case you wanted to feed a crowd!

The “Chopped” Cooking Challenge at my work isn’t a competition, but I did get some positive feedback when I shared this recipe. (No one could try it, though, since we’re all working from home!)

Best of all, it’s not terrible for you. I don’t eat lots of bread, but whole grain varieties are what I pick when I choose to indulge. Plus, I ate that whole plate, and that’s only one slice of bread anyway.

Keep it up, David!


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