I’ve Lost Nearly 10 Pounds Since the Lockdown Began – Part Two

I’m making the most of the stay-at-home order in my state, and the scale is proof. I’m 9.2 pounds lighter since I began working from home! In Part One, I talked about my food choices. In this post, I’m tackling exercise. And to sum it up, I’m exercising a lot. 

Believe it or not, that’s a selfie! I’m using my Bowflex HVT, which combines strength and cardio into one machine, and I propped my camera up on a stack of books and used the timer to get the shot. And I didn’t pose JJ – he photobombed! Check out Bowflex’s complete lineup on their website.

I’m exercising every day, for 45 minutes minimum. I’ve only taken one rest day in the past six weeks, and that was when I donated blood, since you’re not supposed to exercise afterward.

My workouts have ranged in intensity. They range from long walks with JJ, up to difficult workout videos or high-intensity interval cardio workouts. I use the HVT and my Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells for strength training.

Most importantly, I’m trying my damndest to keep things interesting for myself, because I don’t want to be bored and get unmotivated, and that’s an easy trap to fall into when you’re not supposed to leave the house. So there’s a few things that I’m doing to keep things fresh.

Explore the area on long walks with JJ. JJ needs to go outside every day, but during the weekdays, we stick to the neighborhood. One street in my neighborhood has a nice-sized hill, so we always head up it to get a little elevation gain and bump our heart rates up a bit.

On the weekends, though we venture out a little further and explore new areas, for longer amounts of time. I blogged recently about our trek to find a pedestrian bridge, for example. We’ll walk for anywhere from 4 to 7 miles, a little outside our own neighborhood, just to enjoy a change of scenery. We were on a 7-mile walk last weekend, on a nearly-deserted trail, when we came across this unusual sign:

There was a display next to it, saying that the bones from a prehistoric mastodon that died 12,000 years ago were found right here. And that it was the 16th set of mastodon remains that have been found in the county! We’re all living amongst history, folks!

Richard Simmons Monday. I did a Richard Simmons video on Monday evening, three weeks ago, as part of my week of ’80s fitness icon workouts. I’ve done a different Richard Simmons video every Monday since then, and it’s a tradition that I’m looking forward to continuing. The videos connect me to the period in my life where I was taking Richard’s classes and seeing him on a weekly basis, and that makes me feel good. It was with his help that I lost the 160 pounds to begin with, and I’ve enjoyed spending this hour every week with him again.

Lean on the Tried and True. All the gyms may be closed, but I have my at-home equipment, and I’m using that left and right. In addition to the HVT and SelectTechs, I’ve also been riding my Schwinn Classic Cruiser, and using the interval program on that bike more than ever.

It’s currently in the basement, but I’m thinking about moving it upstairs, so I can use the RideSocial app and stream video as if I’m riding along roads all over the world. I can’t use the app now, because I don’t get a good wifi signal in the basement.

And I’ve using my Bowflex Max Trainer multiple times a week, too, which is an incredible calorie burn. I burned 220 calories in 15 minutes during this workout! (And then headed down to the basement later the same day, for 30 minutes on the Classic Cruiser.)

Break Up My Workouts. Traditionally, I’m a get-it-done kind of exerciser that enjoys setting aside a chunk of time and getting my workout done in one fell swoop. During this lockdown, though, I’ve been breaking it up throughout the day. I may spend 20 minutes in the morning exercising before work, and then complete 25 more minutes after work. Sometimes I’ll squeeze 20 or 25 minutes of exercise into my lunch break. I always make sure I get a total of 45 minutes, minimum, every day, but I’ve been much more open to doing it in smaller chunks. Which, I’ve heard, is pretty good for you anyway. I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to keep this up after the lockdown ends, because this strategy only really works when I’m less particular about showering, which, let’s face it, is less important when I don’t leave the house. (Is that TMI?)

Anyway. Lately I’ve been combining all those strategies, and the results are excellent. I’m planning my workouts two or three days in advance, working hard, taking long walks when I need to recover, and getting my frustrations out when I need to, through vigorous activity and sweat.

This lockdown may keep me stuck in the house, but there’s no way it’s going to keep me stuck to the couch!

Keep it up, David!

I wanted to express my sympathy for anyone dealing with much more dire situations during this unprecedented time. My intention with this post isn’t to brag. I’m just sharing my experiences, as I’ve done on this blog for almost 10 years. I’m aware that I’m lucky to not worry about paying bills, care for sick loved ones, or wonder if my job will come back, and if any of you are in those circumstances, I wish you strength, health, and a swift return to some sort of normalcy. 


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4 Responses to I’ve Lost Nearly 10 Pounds Since the Lockdown Began – Part Two

  1. Charlotte says:

    Keep it up David! I wish I had your motivation! Not being able to go to the gym, I am really slacking on getting exercise. Our weather has limited my walks outside, but I certainly could do more exercise in the house. Your posts do inspire me! Hi to JJ. 😊

  2. Shannon says:

    Just came across your blog (while looking up Sweatin’ to the Oldies reviews) and am so inspired by your journey! Thank you for inspiring me today!

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