I’ve Lost Nearly 10 Pounds Since the Lockdown Began – Part One

I’ve been working from home for five weeks, and, all things considered, I’m in a really good spot. I’m still employed, with no signs of being laid off. I’m healthy, as is my family. I suffer a little cabin fever every once in a while, but long walks with JJ really help with that, and if they don’t, I’ll go for a drive, with no destination, just to get out of the house.

I’m lucky that I have the ability to use the Stay-at-Home order in my state as an opportunity to buckle down and focus on my health. So that’s what I’ve been doing, and after a month or so, it’s clear my work is paying off. I’m down 9.2 pounds, and I’m feeling really inspired to keep going.

Current circumstances have actually been advantageous for me. I can’t dine out right now, and we don’t do a lot of take out, so that cuts back on temptations and cravings. The few times I’ve been to grocery stores have been in-and-out affairs, so I’m sticking to tried and true healthy foods, and not taking the time to explore the supermarket like I like to do when I have more time. And since I don’t have a commute, nor the ability to make evening plans, I have more time in my day to exercise. There’s literally no reason why I can’t exercise every day. But I’ll focus on exercise in my next post. In this post, I’m going to talk more about food.

My work keeps me pretty busy and glued to my computer, and I set up my desk in a room that’s about as far from the kitchen as possible, in an upstairs bedroom. I can work up there without disturbing my parents, and they can go about their days without disturbing me. And I’m not swinging by the kitchen whenever I have downtime, so there’s no daytime snacking.

I’ve set up a nice little food routine for myself. In the mornings, I’ll assemble what I call a ‘breakfast tub.’ It’s a rectangular Tupperware, and I’ll toss in some raw vegetables, a piece of fruit, and maybe a hard-boiled egg or two.

It all goes in the tub, so I can easily carry it upstairs, and munch on the contents during the first hour or so of work.

I take an hour lunch break every day, during which I’ll whip up something quick and easy. Sometimes it’s leftovers from dinner the night before, and sometimes I’ll make lettuce wraps with cold cuts and cheese. Lately, my favorite lunch has been sautéed vegetables, which I use as a base for poached eggs. (I won’t poach eggs if I ate hard-boiled eggs for breakfast; that’s just too many eggs!)

This plate has onion, yellow pepper, and mushrooms…

…and this version, eaten a few days later, has onion, celery, radish, and cherry tomatoes. And a couple slices of cheese in the back.

I like when the runny yolk gets all mixed into the veggies!

Our dinners have typically been pretty healthy. My mom has made a couple pots of soup recently, which lasts a couple days. The other night I made big taco salads, with seasoned ground beef and sautéed onions and peppers, and tortilla chips on the side (I counted out exactly 14 chips, which is one serving). I’ll often stir-fry broccoli, or steam green beans, to go along with whatever protein we have (salmon, chicken, or pork, for example).

My one weakness lately has been late night snacking. During most of the day I’m mindful to stay low-carb, but sometimes that flies out the window in the evenings. My parents buy a lot of crackers and pita chips and pretzels, so I sometimes indulge in those. When I’m being good, I’ll stick to a handful of nuts, or sometimes nuke a single serving of microwave popcorn, where the whole bag is only 160 calories. I’ve also found some interesting new healthy snacks that I’ll share in a future post. But… sometimes I dig into the crackers.

My folks also love having ice cream in the house. I’m proud to say that I’ve never once taken them up on their offer to make me a bowl or cone after dinner, but last week I got tired of watching them eat it. So I made myself a frozen little treat. I blended half a cantaloupe with a bit of milk and a tablespoon of maple syrup, and poured the mixture into little paper cups. I used toothpicks at sticks, and popped them in the freezer. A few hours later, I had homemade popsicles!

It was quick and easy, and a satisfying little treat, although toothpicks make for crappy popsicle sticks.

All these efforts over the past month have led to a 9.2 loss! I need to update my weight loss chart. I put it up a couple months ago in a house where I was housesitting, but that gig ended, and I haven’t put it back up yet once I moved home. There’s always something to do!

We all know that food is only one part of weight loss, and exercise is the other part. I dig into exercise in Part Two – read it HERE!

Keep it up, David!

I wanted to express my sympathy for anyone dealing with much more dire situations during this unprecedented time. My intention with this post isn’t to brag. I’m just sharing my experiences, as I’ve done on this blog for almost 10 years. I’m aware that I’m lucky to not worry about paying bills, care for sick loved ones, or wonder if my job will come back, and if any of you are in those circumstances, I wish you strength, health, and a swift return to some sort of normalcy. 


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8 Responses to I’ve Lost Nearly 10 Pounds Since the Lockdown Began – Part One

  1. Karen Geninatti says:

    This is awesome DAVID! 80% of it really is Nutrition! You are doing so well.

    I , also, have lost about 9 lbs since the stay at home order. I always eat well, but I am eating less, because I get up later. Also working out much more, as I’m doing my own workouts, Plus so many online in FaceTime workouts with clients. I do miss seeing my clients in person

    • G.M. Grena says:

      Amen to Nutrition first! If you don’t eat healthy, you won’t feel well or be able to engage in challenging physical activities. It’s an important sequence, domino-effect, chain-reaction. Great to hear people like you using this time in a sensible, healthy way!

    • David says:

      Twinsies! I’m in great company. Keep up the good work – hope to see you somewhere soon.

  2. Nicolette says:

    David – so glad you are doing well! Here in sunny SoCal it’s been overcast or raining during the stay-at-home, but all pleasant. Taking walks, teaching ballet via Zoom, slowly starting to clean out the closets. Love reading your posts! ❤️

  3. Sarah says:

    David! this is fantastic. You are inspiring me to make something good of this quarantine.

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