Still Breaking Records on My Bowflex Max Trainer!

I’ve had my Bowflex Max Trainer for five and a half years. You could technically round that up to a decade! (But I won’t.) It’s an excellent piece of cardio equipment, and I love it as much now as I ever have. It’s a cross between an elliptical and a stair machine, and it really gets my heart rate going and engages all the muscles I use during my stair races.

One of my favorite Max Trainer pictures, from 2015.

Of course I brought my Max Trainer with me to Michigan when I moved last year, and it’s currently set up in my brother’s old room, where there’s a bit of a higher ceiling, which is appreciated, because I’m tall. I use it frequently, and, recently, I did something I’ve never done before, and I wasn’t even trying!

One of the programs you can utilize on the Max Trainer is called Calorie Goal, and it’s pretty simple: you use the machine until you hit 300 calories burned, and it times you.

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The first time I did the Calorie Goal program, I finished in close to 30 minutes. Soon I was averaging around 27 minutes. Then, before leaving California, I pushed myself one day and burned 300 calories in either 22 or 23 minutes. (I can’t remember exactly, and even if I wrote it down somewhere, I can’t find it now.)

Earlier this month, I did the Calorie Goal program, and WOWSA, finished in 20 minutes, 29 seconds! A new record!

I said earlier I wasn’t even trying. That’s not exactly true. I was certainly pushing myself on the machine. I just wasn’t trying to set a record. In fact, I didn’t realize I had set a record until after I was finished, and I uncovered the display, which I always cover up with my phone so I don’t have to watch the seconds tick by.

It was a very exciting day! JJ came over to greet meet after I was done.

And – that was just part of my Max Trainer workout session. Before doing the Calorie Goal program, I did the 15-minute Stairs program, which ups the Resistance Level in stair-like increments. Then, after the Calorie Goal program, I did a final ten minutes using the default Manual setting, just to bump my workout up to a solid 45 minutes.

Between the three programs, I burned 636 calories that day. And set a new record! Not a bad workout at all.

Keep it up, David!

For more info on the Max Trainer, check out the Bowflex website.


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One Response to Still Breaking Records on My Bowflex Max Trainer!

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow! You are in better shape now than before!

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