The Hottest Apple On The Planet Is In My Kitchen!

Have you heard about the Cosmic Crisp? It’s the latest apple to hit the market, and there’s press everywhere.

I’ve seen stories about the Cosmic Crisp on NBC Nightly News, CBS Sunday Morning, and in USA Today. I’m sure if you searched, you’d find countless more stories – because  the Washington apple growers that are pushing the Cosmic Crisp into stores have spent over $10 million marketing the new hybrid.

I found a pile of Cosmic Crisps at a local store, and I immediately brought four of them home.

Scientists at Washington State University have been working on the Cosmic Crisp for decades. It’s not genetically modified. It was created by good ol’ selective breeding. It’s a hybrid between a Honey Crisp, which are renowned for being sweet and crunchy, and an Enterprise, which are known for being hearty, disease-resistant and can last a really long time.

The end result is an apple that is sweet and flavorful, and can last up to a year in the fridge. The Cosmic Crisp name came about because the apples can be really dark, with bright specks that look like stars in the night sky. JJ didn’t get to try any of it – he doesn’t get people food.

JJ was very intrigued by the Cosmic Crisp, but I think it was mostly because it’s about the same size and shape as one of his favorite toy balls.


I really enjoyed it! It’s firm without being mealy, sweet but not too sweet, and with no bitter or tart notes. Oh, and it’s juicy! This is a great snacking apple. Save other lesser varieties for pies and applesauce.

The Cosmic Crisp is here to stay – 12 million trees have been planted in Washington. Hopefully, in a few years, the price for these lovelies will be lower, as the market gets flooded with all the apples that will come as these trees grow bigger.

Until then, I’ll probably pick up a few now and then, as I see them around. A good apple is worth a few extra cents!

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to The Hottest Apple On The Planet Is In My Kitchen!

  1. Sybil Goldrich says:

    Good find David! I’ll look for them at Gelsons. Xxx. Sybil

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