2019 Year-End Progress Report

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a delightful holiday season. Here’s a really awesome Christmas present that my sister-in-law Alexis gave me: a portrait of me and JJ as characters on “The Simpsons!” I love it so much.

Now let’s get into it. Time for my yearly wrap up. Time for my 2019 Year-End Progress Report! 

This is something I do every year – and, a little later in this post, I’ll share the the links to the posts from my prior years. Let’s start with my weight, and get that over with, because, frankly, I feel like I’ve let myself down this year.

Let’s check out my weight loss chart. I did my first-of-the-month weigh-in, and I’m up five pounds since August.

In addition, I’m up 17 pounds since the beginning of the year. Ugh, I hate typing that, but it’s true. I need to own it.

This was the first year, since I began this process almost a decade ago, that I didn’t lean on my weight loss chart all year long. In fact, I packed it up and put it in a box when I moved to Michigan in April, and didn’t even pull it out of that box until August. I should’ve put it back up on the wall, where it belongs, then, but I didn’t.

Historically, I’ve used my chart as a daily reminder of what I’ve achieved and what I’m capable of. I haven’t done that for 8 or 9 months, and whammo! I’m 17 pounds heavier. Are those two items related? Probably.

So, my weight loss chart is back up on the wall. I can see it from bed every morning when I wake up. I won’t be able to avoid it. And I’m not going to skip weigh-ins this year, either. I’ll be doing them each and every month.

Despite the gain this year, the chart is still pretty freakin’ impressive, both as a testament to long-term weight loss and maintenance, and as a sign of my dedication to this process. When I was putting it up on the wall the other day, I noticed the date at the very beginning of the chart.

I am 18 days away from celebrating my 10 year anniversary! Incredible. I’m sure I’ll have much more to say on the matter in about, say, 18 days.

Going back to my weight loss chart, here’s something I wrote in last year’s Year-End Progress Report that pretty much sums things up.

That’s not the direction I want to be going in. It’s the opposite direction. But I can’t beat myself up about it, because that doesn’t do any good. All I can do is look forward and stay committed to my health.

Plus, I really strongly believe that this blog and this charts do exactly what I need them to do: keep myself accountable. One of the things I remind myself, when I feel down about weight gain, is that without these pillars of accountability in place, I probably would have gained all the weight back years ago.

And, of course, another huge advantage of the chart is that it’s a constant reminder of the big picture. I’ve come so far, and worked so hard, and I’m not about to squash the pride I feel for everything I’ve done just because I’m up a handful of pounds.

Let’s move on to exercise! I track all my exercise on a calendar, including duration, activities, and the distance I covered (if applicable). Even though I haven’t been posting monthly updates regarding this calendar, I’ve keep it up the entire freakin’ year.

First, for reference, here are my workout totals from the past seven years:

My yearly goal is to break the 300-workout threshold, a feat that I accomplished for the last two years. How about 2019?

In 2019, I worked out… 292 times. So close! 

Truth be told, this goal was my secondary exercise goal in 2019, and my primary goal was my quest to complete in 40 races, in honor of my 40th birthday last March. I crushed that goal, even finishing it a month early, and posted an epic blog post about it a few weeks ago that you can check out here.

My 2020 goal is to get above 300 workout, since that’s a nice round number and one that proves to be challenging, as proven by the fact that I’ve only reached it two times in nine years.

I do have a 2020 race goal, too, and that’s to compete in stair races in five cities I haven’t competed in before. More on that goal coming soon!

Some other 2019 stats:

  • I took nine group fitness classes. This was something I began tracking when I was still taking weekly classes with Richard Simmons, and I still do it to this day, even though the number has gone way down since he closed up shop and disappeared. Group fitness classes are excellent for me, because I push myself harder than I would on my own, and I find the group setting fun and motivating. This was the smallest number of classes since I started keeping track, for a couple reasons: 1) when I moved from LA, I no longer had access to my favorite group classes, which were led by my friend Anne, and 2) when I moved to Michigan, I decided I couldn’t spend additional money on group classes since I was putting so much money towards race registrations and traveling for those races. In fact, since I’ve moved to Michigan, I’ve only taken four classes, all of which were free for me, for various reasons, and one was just today, and will count towards my 2020 total!
  • 39 of my workouts were focused on weightlifting (compared to 55 in 2018, 52 in 2017, 62 in 2016, 83 in 2015, and 109 in 2014). I was on track to reach the levels I reached in previous years, but my lifting suffered in the autumn, as the fatigue from all the racing set in.
  • My workouts average around an hour each. In total, I spent 12.1 days in 2019 exercising!
  • Combine my workouts from 2011-2019, and I’ve worked out 2,591 times in the past nine years! That’s nearly 108 days of exercise!

The final thing I log on my calendar are my Cardio Miles – the distance, in miles, that I cover doing my exercise. My new cumulative total (since Summer 2013) is 5,843.1 miles – including 1,120.5 miles from 2019!  That’s a new yearly record, beating my prior best of 1,015.5 miles from last year. Closing in on 6,000 miles!

YES! I love that I got to end this post with a new personal best! 



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6 Responses to 2019 Year-End Progress Report

  1. Sybil Goldrich says:

    Go David! Happy 2020!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. mfclingan says:

    You had an incredible year!

    Good to you for hanging that chart on the wall where you see it everyday! That will help keep you motivated and on track!

  3. Sarah says:

    Keep it up David!

  4. Janet H says:

    David, I am VERY proud of you-and now that you have put up your weight loss tracker, I have no doubt you will increase your accountability! Thanks for the inspiration,as always! I freakin’ LOVE the Simpsons picture, that is so cool!

  5. DIANE NORBERG says:

    Hang in there with the weight. Maintenance is the toughest slog. I lost 55 lobs 15 years ago.

    Thanks for helping me get back on the Stepmill. I love it and want to get back. I will probably buy my own Stepmill 8 this year after I turn 60.

    Diane Norberg Naples, Florida


  6. Eilonwy says:

    You are a great model in part because you aren’t perfect–you tell the truth about how hard it is to maintain weight loss. You had such an amazing year with your exercise goals (so ambitious!) and yet your weight went up. I learn from you every time I read the blog how to keep weight goals in the picture without sacrificing other goals. You are the best writer I’ve found about long term weight loss maintenance. I hope 2020 is a great year for you.

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