POLL: Do You Dip Apple Slices in Hummus?

My friend Josh texted me, asking if I was a fan of dipping apples in hummus. He enjoyed it, but his wife and teenager thought it was gross. I had never considered such a combination, and I told him that, and then expressed my excitement in trying it.

And now I’ve tried it. What did I think?

I’M A BIG FAN! Apples and hummus is a delightful combo. I stuck to plain hummus – without roasted red pepper, garlic, or any other additions – and it was a wonderful and healthy snack that I really recommend.

The hummus I used is from a company called Hummus Goodness, a local Michigan brand that I bought at the same pop-up market where I bought the dip mix I recently blogged about. They call their plain hummus “naked.”

Is apples and hummus popular? I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of it before, and I wonder what you all think of the idea. Am I late to the apples and hummus party, or are there a few aficionados that are keeping this secret close to their chest? I need to know more. So, I created a poll. Please participate and tell all your friends! If you have additional thoughts on this subject matter, go ahead and share them in the comments section.

Oh, and I did a quick internet search, and found a bunch of apples-and-hummus-related recipes, like Apple Pie Hummus, Caramel Apple Hummus (which is made from apple juice concentrate and caramel ice cream topping), and Apple-Spice Hummus. I also found this ‘recipe’ for Apple Hummus Snackers, but the use of the word ‘recipe’ is a stretch, because it’s literally a slice of apple, topped with a little hummus and a slice of cheese.

What else do you like to dip into hummus that might seem out-of-the-ordinary? Conversely, what unconventional foodstuffs do you like to dip your apple slices into? Share in the comments!

Before I go, there’s something I want you to check out: an episode of the Fitness Disrupted podcast called “8 Ways to Measure Exercise Success Instead of the Scale.” I know I’ve been frustrated by weight loss plateaus, or times when I’ve worked hard on my food and exercise and not seen the results I expected, and I’m sure you can relate to that, too. This podcast, hosted by my friend Tom Holland, arms you with empowering ways to think about your progress that aren’t based on the scale.

I’m also geeked because I suggested this topic to Tom, and he turned around and put together an amazing list and recorded this podcast in about a week. Check out the podcast HERE… and, while you’re at it, listen to my interview on Fitness Disrupted! Find that episode HERE.

Keep it up, David!


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One Response to POLL: Do You Dip Apple Slices in Hummus?

  1. Janet H says:

    I never thought of hummus and apples…who knew? It would definitely need to be naked! You could throw some cinnamon in there to jazz it up, though! 💜💜💜

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