Two New Ways To Eat Healthy… And One is an Oddly-Colored Vegetable!

I experience an extraordinary, borderline silly amount of joy whenever I see oddly-colored vegetables. Years back, when this blog was much younger, I had a streak where I was finding oddly-colored vegetables all over the place. In the years that have passed, some of them have become more widely available, like rainbow carrots and orange and purple cauliflower. Others are still rare and exciting when I see them, like purple asparagus and purple Brussels sprouts – and I don’t see them that often.

Check out what I found when I was in Colorado for Thanksgiving:


Can’t decide if you want a red bell pepper or a yellow one? Get a striped bell pepper and you’ll get both colors in one!

These were on display at a huge supermarket called King Soopers, a Colorado chain that’s owned by Kroger. I grabbed one to take back to my sister’s place immediately. When we were putting away the groceries at home, I stumbled across a fun surprise: my brother-in-law had already purchased one, and it was right there, sitting in the fridge! One striped bell pepper went into his stuffing that he then stuffed into the turkey, and the other went into a colorful salad I made that we ate the night before Thanksgiving.

Striped bell peppers taste exactly the same as any other color bell pepper: same flavor, same texture. They’re just a fun color that will make any recipe more festive. Keep your eyes peeled for them!

My other new healthy find was discovered while I was in Colorado – and I wasn’t the one that found it. Check out these Egg Thins Crepes:

Justin, my brother-in-law, found these at Costco, and they’re super thin, pliable crepes that are made primarily from eggs and cauliflower.

They’re about 5″ or 6″ across, so not big enough to make a great big wrap, but they’re handy for smaller purposes. And with only 8 calories per crepe (and no fat or carbs), you can go ahead and have a few!

I used them to make little sandwich wraps, and thought of them as a nice, different alternative to a lettuce wrap. Here’s a ham and sauerkraut crepe wrap:

And the one on the paper tower has a crumbled falafel, along with feta and olives:

I also tried on a different day, a roll-up with corned beef, cheese, and a little horseradish:

The crepes are light and tasty, but neutral in flavor, so they’d really make any filling stand out. I definitely couldn’t taste the cauliflower. I bet they’d be great with peanut butter and jelly, or shredded chicken and guacamole, or you could melt some cheese between two of them as a lighter, carb-free version of a quesadilla. They’d be good with savory or sweet fillings.

I don’t belong to Costco anymore, but my parents do… so maybe there will be more Egg Thins in my future!

Keep it up, David!


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