Thanksgiving Rewind 2019

I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving! I celebrated at my sister’s house in Colorado, where I always go for Thanksgiving. It was a quieter, smaller crowd this year, but it still was a fun day, surrounded by family.

It wasn’t a gluttonous, regretful day of eating for me, either, and that felt good. The reason is because  I take a pledge, every year, to follow some simple rules that help me get through Thanksgiving without overeating or falling into a food coma. (Read the rules here.)

I started the day with some exercise. Every year I participate in the Louisville, Colorado Turkey Trot 5K. (One year I even did it in a blizzard!) It snowed a couple days ago, about 20 inches, and due to icy conditions, the organizers shortened the course from 3.1 miles to slightly over a mile, and heavily encouraged everyone to walk it. Fine by me! I had just completed 40 races in less than a year, and I wasn’t going to risk injury at an untimed, casual event so soon after reaching my goal.

A group of six of us went to the Turkey Trot. Back row: my nephew Sam, brother-in-law Justin, and me. Front row: my niece Allison, sister Sarah, and my dad Michael. I don’t know the name of the unicorn that photobombed us!

We walked the shortened course. Then, some folks caught a ride home, but my dad, sister and I decided to walk home. Our total distance was 3.3 miles, and a lot of it was uphill. A great way to kick off the holiday!

I photographed everything I ate on Thanksgiving Day. It started with a banana and clementine before the walk.

I had a heartier breakfast after the walk, consisting of some egg soufflé (which is basically just eggs, cheese, and bread), a few sausage links, and an apple.

I was getting hungry around lunchtime, so after I peeled some potatoes, I had some leftover salad from the night before.

I made a simple veggie tray as an appetizer, with some store-bought spinach dip as the centerpiece. I munched on raw veggies as we played a card game called Five Crowns (some with dip, many without), and stayed away from the crackers that were also set out.

For the big main meal, I helped myself to reasonable portions of everything: turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, cranberries, and asparagus. Plus, a piece of bread.

I always try not to have seconds, but I broke that rule this year, helping myself to seconds of the two veggie-based dishes: asparagus and green bean casserole.

The asparagus was my main contribution to the meal, by the way. I sautéed it in some butter and added some salt and an Italian herb blend.

After dinner, we played a big game of poker. I’m not the greatest at poker, but I held my own for a long time, ultimately finishing 3rd out of 8 people. Once Justin got out, he started serving pie. I had a small slice of pumpkin and apple pie (both homemade).

Finally, my mom had made some peanut butter bars, and Allison was passing them around, so I had a small one.

We ended the night by watching The Muppets and then it was off to bed! Another fun and festive Thanksgiving is over. How was your turkey day?

Keep it up, David!


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